Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Has there ever been something you always wanted to try? Maybe you never had the opportunity or you were just too scared to go for it. It could be something simple like trying a new food or something grand like visiting another country. Maybe there is a hobby you want to pick up or skill you want to learn. Many people miss out on trying something new because they were too scared or felt like it wasn’t a good time. Whatever it is that you want to try, I encourage you to go for it and enjoy it as much as you can. For me, one of these new activities is photography.

As a student worker at Miami, I was offered the opportunity to learn how to take photographs for Miami Regionals. I was very nervous to try my hand at this but it has been very rewarding. I am building a passion for photography and have learned a lot as well, from setting up and using the camera, to editing the photos in Adobe’s Lightroom. Photography has been an enjoyable adventure so far and I am very excited to continue my journey.

One of the first photos I took while walking around campus this semester.

Starting something new can be scary so if you are not sure where to start, there are a few ways you can prepare yourself to take that first step.

  1. My first recommendation is to learn more about what you want to try. If you are curious about going to a different country, for example, research the culture, people, language and cuisine of different countries until you find one that fits you best. If there is a certain country you have always wanted to go to, find out what there is to do while you are there. There are plenty of “must-see/do” travel guides all over the internet for almost every country so find what places, activities, and sights interest you the most.
  2. My second recommendation is to find out where/how you can start pursuing your goals. If you want to start a new hobby like pottery or woodworking, taking classes or finding local businesses for whatever hobby you are looking into is a great idea. This will let you learn and enjoy the activity with much less commitment. If you are looking to learn at home, look for a low-cost option before spending a lot of money on something you are not sure you like. Once you find what your passion is, you can make those upgrades you have been waiting for and further explore your new hobby.
  3. My third recommendation is to have fun. The best part about trying something new is the enjoyment you can get out of it. Trying new things can be scary at first, but letting go of those nerves and jumping right into it can make the experience much more enjoyable. Some activities can be more terrifying than others, but if you focus on enjoying your time and having fun, you will get the most out of anything you try. Plus, if you realize you don’t want to pursue this new thing anymore, you don’t have to. Trying new things doesn’t have to be a life-long commitment so explore and be adventurous because you never know what you might find.
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