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This summer has truly been such a reflective time for me. I’ve been able to look back on experiences that have helped me understand what sets my soul on fire. 

I have spoken with many regional students about their experiences when it comes to taking classes on the regional campus. From the pros to the cons, the highs the lows, and overall, what they ultimately feel makes their college experience unique. How can we, as student blog writers, listen to the voices of all students, share the experiences of all students, and truly be a voice for the voiceless on this platform?

Many regional campus students that I have spoken to love the small class environment that they get with going to a smaller campus. They appreciate that many of their professors actually know their name and recognize their face, and they find comfort in seeing friendly faces that work at the cafe, or in the book store. On the other side of things, a lot of regional campus students feel as though their experience at Miami Middletown or Hamilton would be more memorable if there were more social activities to be a part of, and ways to meet new people so they can still get the typical college experience.

 After visiting Oxford this summer, eating at Bagel & Deli Shop and exploring the beautiful campus, student led organizations and clubs, many ideas came to me! In order for regional campus students to feel included on the regionals, and at Oxford I feel as though Oxford and regional campuses should work together better when sending out mass emails to all Miami students about dates, locations and times of student organizations and clubs on Oxford’s campus and the regional campuses. I believe that this is a good opportunity for the regionals and Oxford based students to merge together, network, and meet new people. I also encourage my regional campus friends to truly be innovative leaders this school year. If you’d like to have a club or organization created on your campus start one up! You can also get in contact with Oxford’s campus of Student Affairs and see if there is a similar group at Oxford that you could work with or to help start a similar group on your campus. We must create the transitional, inclusive change that we want to see, whether that is in our classrooms, on our college campuses and in our world! 

So this school year I encourage you to be friendly to the faces you see passing in the different buildings on campus. Compliment someone, befriend the students in your classes, gain knowledge through hearing the perspectives of others, be open to new environments and inclusive to people who look and think different than you, thank a faculty member or student worker this year, and brainstorm ways on making your college campus a better place!

This school year, let’s work to have all Miami students, regional and Oxford based, working together to create a more unified student body!

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