The Importance of Community

The first thing I think about when I think of community is my people! My family, my friends and those who are at my church.

While all of these people are my community I’ve learned over these passed 4 years that community is something greater than that.

This is something I am extremely passionate about… my major even has the word community in it so today that’s where we’re going to land. We’ll be talking about how community plays a role during our time in college but more so the importance of community in our day to day lives, even outside of being a student.

Community is what has gotten me through these past 4 years. Community has been a collective makeup of everyone I’ve come in contact with on campus- whether that be the person who makes my coffee in Johnston Hall, my professor who teaches me about the history of the United States or the international student that smiles at me in the hallway.

Community reminds us that we are apart of something bigger than ourselves– that I’m not only here to obtain my degree but to do so while rooting on every student, faculty and staff member around me.

This community reminds me that it’s now my time to go make my mark on the world. That now my time in the classroom is over (what!) and I get to go put it into practice. I get to use my degree and gain real world experience with it.

My community pushed me to stay in school… there were multiple times I had plans to drop out. For real, though.

This community reminds me to take care of myself, to be the best version of myself and when I’m not, they understand and listen.

My community is Miami Regionals, Middletown and my people.

My advice to you is to immerse yourself into a community. Get so interwoven into it that you feel as if it’s apart of you. It’s so important and they will push you to be a better person, student and friend. It takes time but it’s worth the sacrifice. Community is necessary for us to flourish and thrive.

My community are the people walking down the street, walking across the stage with me, the alumni that proudly wear Miami gear. One family, #OneMiami, Love & Honor. Am I right?

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