My Journey to Event Planning at Miami Regionals

Communication Studies is a degree that does not have a set career path. It leaves a lot of room for students to pick classes that are more tailored toward their future career and goals. About a year ago, I was loving my classes and learning more about the field, but I was struggling to find a specific career path. I was a Sophomore at the time and felt like I needed to find something that I was passionate about and something that I could gain experience in. I started looking into my options and I thought about event planning.

As I was planning my classes for the Fall 2018 semester, I found just what I was looking for. I found out that there is a team of people in charge of events on Miami Regionals campuses and that this could be an opportunity to get experience in the event planning field. I got in touch with External Relations and Communications at Miami Regionals through Dr. Jennifer Yamashiro and the Honors Program. I had a meeting with Sheila Williams in Spring 2018 to go over what I would be doing and how events work at Miami Regionals. I knew about events on campus like the lectures and Artist Series, but I never imagined that I would get to help plan and work these events. Fast forward to October of 2018 and I was officially hired in External Relations and Communications as a Student Assistant.

I am a student worker, but I have gained more experience than I would have ever expected a year ago when I first contacted Sheila Williams about the job. I do a lot of different things on a daily basis and I get to work a variety of events. Every day at work is different for me, but I love the work I do. I have been able to gain experience through working different events. Many of the events I work  include a little bit of everything such as lectures, Artists Series, the Penguin Event and the Nursing Alumni Dinner.

I cannot express how much I love working for Miami and working with event planning. I love that I am able to balance school work and my job because working for Miami means that you can be flexible enough to do both. I am grateful to have found a job that is so rewarding due to the collaborative and encouraging environment I am surrounded in. Everyone I work with is encouraging and supportive of me. I have learned a bunch of different skills through working with events that will help me in the future. I feel like I have worked with the ERC team longer than I really have because they were all so welcoming and friendly to me from the start.

I was able to use the Honors Program at Miami Regionals to network, and I found a job that I am passionate about in the process. I took a giant leap outside of my comfort zone and gained an experience that has impacted my life in so many different ways. This is my Miami experience that I will always remember with Love and Honor, what’s yours?

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