Why Student Life at the Regionals Matters

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In my last blog post I touched on my involvement on campus… this was something that came with time. I thought that because it was a branch / commuter campus that student life would be lame or nonexistent but man, I couldn’t of been more wrong and I wish I would’ve dove in my freshman year.

My first summer as an orientation leader for the Regionals opened my eyes to this fun, loving and accepting community that I was missing out on, so I decided to make that change and to enter into this new chapter!

First, let’s talk about SOAR. If you’re a student at the Regionals you had to go through SOAR, which stands for Student Orientation, Advising and Registration. Orientation has been the highlight of my summers during my college career. SOAR gave me some of my lifelong friends and has provided me with the ability to network and build relationships with faculty, staff and students that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. It has also provided me with a deep love for the Regional campuses. I was able to share the love and acceptance I’ve found here at the Regionals with others which was my favorite aspect of orientation by far. Miami Regionals is home for me and I want others to experience that home feeling as well.

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Campus Activities Board has also been a huge part of my story at the Regionals. CAB is a student organization that promotes student involvement at the Middletown campus. I became the secretary of CAB the summer after my sophomore year and the following year I became the president! CAB taught me a lot about myself and my abilities. It brought me opportunities I wouldn’t of gained otherwise. I was able to plan events on campus and watch other people fall in love with the Regionals because of those events, what a gift! Shameless plug, if you’re interested in joining an org. on the Regionals, definitely hit up the CAB President on the Middletown campus or the CAC President on the Hamilton campus.

Last but not least we’ll talk about Miami Middletown Student Government, where I served as the secretary for two years! This student involvement was quite different and a little more formal– which I am your least formal gal so it was uncomfortable at times but also it helped to grow me in an area that was pretty foreign to me. I was able to learn about my student body, hear their voices and then implement changes that needed to be made.

Student life aided in my love for Miami Regionals. It provided me with a homey feeling while on campus. It gave me friends that I will have for the rest of my life. I was connected with people that I would’ve never been connected with otherwise. Student life changed my life in the best ways and my advice would be to let it change yours too– you won’t regret it.

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