Taking a Risk to Find my Passion

Group of photographers taking a photo of a model

Photography has always been a hobby of mine ever since my parents bought me my first point and shoot, but it wasn’t until my Freshmen year of college that I really dove into the world of videography. I had just finished my first video that I was actually willing to share with others and had posted it on YouTube. Shortly after this I got a text message from someone (I can’t even tell you who it was now) that included a picture of a flyer that was encouraging students to apply for a position as a student intern photographer and videographer in the marketing office at Miami Regionals.  At this point in my life I was looking for a little extra income and so decided to apply and see what happened. I was asked to submit some of my work so I developed a very small portfolio. I was brought in for an interview and got the job.

A female photographer kneeling taking a photo of a female model standing against a wall

Ever since then I have been an intern in the marketing office and I enjoy every bit of it. What I love about student jobs is they put your school work first and understand how busy working and going to college can be. I have met great co-workers and my boss is extremely supportive. I have even declared a minor in photography since starting this position. I have learned so much through working events for the school and filming and editing large video projects. I have also had so many networking opportunities and know a lot of the faculty and staff that I wouldn’t know if I wasn’t working here at Miami Regionals. I get to see my work displayed in marketing pieces, including the website, regional social media, and the view book and that is a great feeling.

Group of photographers taking a photo of a model

I have been able to expand the knowledge I have learned outside of my job and have been invited to many photography events. I even did some time modeling as well. None of these opportunities would have been presented to me if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone and pushed my self to be better. I have my own small photography business now doing portrait sessions and events. Having two jobs, being student body president and going to school full time can make for a busy schedule, but it is all worth it because of  the skills I have gained that I will be able to carry with me toward my career.

If you find a student job that may potentially fit your career goals or even pushes you out of your comfort zone, you should fully take the risk and apply. You never know what you will gain from the experience.

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