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Miami University Hamilton's cheer team group photo featuring the mascot

Ever since the 8th grade I had been a cheerleader for the schools I attended. Being active was important to me and I loved being a part of a team. When I came to Miami Regionals and attended my orientation I looked at the athletics table to see if they had a cheer team that I could join. There really wasn’t much information the athletic director could give me at the time besides a contact for someone who was the captain of a small team they did have. I reached out and learned that the team wasn’t an official university organization, but rather a group of people who wanted a cheer team and were making it happen. Because they weren’t official they had no funding and were making do with what they had.Female cheerleader wearing a red uniform standing outside

After being on the team for a season I learned that I really enjoyed being a Regional cheerleader, however there were some things we could improve on if we just had some funding to become an official organization. When elections for student organization positions came around I ran for president with the goal of getting the cheer team the funding they needed for new uniforms. I also wanted to focus on advertising to the student body, so the team could become more well known.

At the end of the spring term I was elected the President of the MUH cheer team. It was time to hit the ground running and fulfill all the promises I had made to my team as their leader. I met with the adviser of the ROSA office (Regional Office of Student Activities). She and her team were able to walk me through the whole process. Of course, I can’t tell you that starting a new organization was a piece of cake. It took some work, but the ROSA office made it so much easier and were there to help me every step of the way.

Miami University Hamilton's cheer team group photo featuring the mascot

If I could give any advice to someone looking to start an organization it would be that if you are passionate about something, there are other people who are also passionate about that same thing as well. Find your tribe. Find a team of people who are also willing to get something started with you. Not only will you gain friends along the way, but you will also gain a great set of skills to help you on your career path. Don’t be afraid to use the resources available to you. They are here to help you. They want to see you succeed.

Today Regionals Cheer is still going strong. They are improving every season and it’s a great feeling to know you have left behind a legacy.

Miami University cheer team group photo in the gym with pom poms and basketball on the floor in front of them

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