Big College Experience with a Small College Atmosphere

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I’m a regional student that lives in Oxford. A little weird I know, and to be honest sometimes it makes things harder, but I wouldn’t do it any other way. I grew up in Middletown and my parents still live here, five minutes away to be exact, so it would makes sense if I lived with them while taking classes at the regional campuses. I would not only save money on tuition, but I would also save money on rent and utilities. Freshman year that’s what I did. I lived with my parents first semester and thought I would transfer to main campus second semester. After taking classes at Middletown and Hamilton I realized I didn’t only like the regional campuses, I preferred them. So I decided to stay.

I continued to live with my parents the rest of freshman year. Then, sophomore year I moved into a house with a group of girls that were doing the same thing as me; taking classes at the regional campuses but living in Oxford. We live in a cute house off campus. I love the fall because we have some awesome trees in front that get SO BRIGHT with red and yellow leaves.

Driveway with two trees on either side. Tree on the left has red leave and tree on the right has yellow leaves

This makes for a lot of driving, which can be annoying and inconvenient sometimes, but I will graduate with no debt and that is something most people my age cannot say. I even added a minor in photography so now I take classes on all three campuses, I work in Middletown and I lead Young Life, an outreach ministry, in Lebanon. I typically go through $10 in gas a day, which is largely because I drive a 1996 Ford Taurus that is terrible on gas mileage but it gets me to all the places I need to be so I can’t complain too much. I also get to see awesome sunrises like this driving from Oxford to Middletown/Hamilton/Lebanon every morning so that helps a little bit.  

Sunrise over a corn field

I know that I have made the right decision by staying at the regionals. I have become an honors student, a student worker on Middletown’s campus, and furthered my education all while saving so much money. I have gotten to live with the same group of girls for two years and plan on living with them again next year. We are life long friends and get to cheer each other on through exciting things, like getting engaged! I have had the typical college experience but also taken advantage of the personal, homey atmosphere that the regionals offer.

Group photo with 5 females

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