A Soon To Be Regionals Grad

Group picture holding up sign saying "What I love about SOAR is Savannah's Small Group"!

Typing out that title felt strange… graduation, already? 4 years ago I stepped onto Miami Middletown’s campus for my first semester of college. If you would’ve told Freshman Jade that she would still be at the Regionals four years later she would’ve laughed in your face. But here I am, four years later and not regretting a single decision I’ve made.

I’m a current senior at the Regionals majoring in Nonprofit and Community Studies. I live in Middletown with a married couple and their son! It’s the most fun. Aside from being a student I have a job on campus and work at a brewery in Middletown, Rolling Mill Brewing Company. I’m also a Young Life leader at Middletown High School and an intern for the City Of Middletown Public Health Department. Middletown is my city and I absolutely love it. It’s a huge part of my life, but I didn’t always feel this way.

Freshman and Sophomore year passed, I came to campus for classes and left immediately after them. I was a Special Education major and had to take some classes on the Oxford campus. After my first semester taking courses in Oxford I knew something had to change- I was so unhappy with my classes there and became unhappy with my major. Though I had no idea what I was getting myself into I started researching other majors. One of my friends, who was heavily involved in campus was telling me about her major, Nonprofit and Community Studies. I immediately knew that was what I wanted to do but wasn’t courageous enough to make the switch yet.

That same friend, Savannah, asked me to be an Orientation Leader on campus. She saw something in myself that I did not. That summer started a deep love and a newfound purpose I had for attending the Regional Campuses but we’ll talk more about that in the upcoming weeks.

Two male and two female student orientation leaders sitting at a picnic table smiling at the camera

I dove into campus life head first and it was the most fun. I’ve been able to make life-long friendships and it made me feel as if I truly was getting the typical college experience. What a gift!

I’ve been involved in numerous student organizations, I’m a student worker and have been given countless opportunities because of my involvement here at the Regionals.

3 months from now I’ll be walking across the stage and receiving a diploma from a campus I have so much pride in. Miami Regionals is home and I’m so excited to share these past 4 years with you in the upcoming blog posts.

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