Voyaging to Yale

“Go fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, journey, discover, adventure.” -Unknown I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Yale University in January 2020 alongside other fellow Miami University students. We attended a weekend conference presented by Yale University where we participated in educational media, political and artistic seminars. We walked away from each session feeling more […]

A “Win-Win” Situation

Athletics, an integral part of a college campus climate and morale among students and staff. Although Miami regional athletics may not be the most popular, it’s presence has continued to create opportunities for students to play collegiate sports post-high school while gaining a quality education. Competing in the ORCC (Ohio Regional Campus Conference) the Harriers(Hamilton […]

Making Your Internship Count

Earning class credit for an internship is an awesome thing to take advantage of as a student. You get real life work experience that goes straight towards your credit hours for graduation. Some majors require internships, or co-ops, but mine didn’t so when it came to applying to have my internship count for class credit, […]

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