An Introduction

Hello, I’m Dr. Michael Dantley, Dean of Miami University’s College of Education, Health and Society. Welcome to my blog, Creating Just Communities.2015-10-05-michael-dantley

The recent events occurring in the news, both locally and nationally, have caused me to believe even more strongly that Colleges of Education across the country have the research, teaching, service and partnership resources to positively impact the resolution of issues facing communities today. If ever we needed research that unashamedly tackles the major issues of our society, it is now.

I’m asking all leaders in the fields of education to join me this year in an online discussion using this blog so that we can tackle these societal issues together.  We have the resources to ask questions and provide answers to issues of community–minorities and police, health care disparities, and changing family structures. We have the service experiences to change the public’s perceptions about the teaching profession and dismantle the xenophobic ideas that are slowly attempting to undergird the nation’s perspective on immigration. We have the partnerships to motivate young people to want to become teachers and to engage English language learners and their families in the classroom. We have all of these resources at our disposal.

Please join me as we consider new ways to revolutionize and redefine the status quo. It will take innovative and creative teamwork to develop the ideas that will positively impact the human condition in our immediate environment–in our urban centers and suburban neighborhoods, in our rural areas and international venues–but I am optimistic that if we pull our greatest minds together we can work together towards our common goal of Creating Just Communities.