Meet Wendy Lea – Advisory Board Spotlight

Yet another one of our amazing 2018-2019 Advisory Board members is Wendy Lea, former CEO at Cintrifuse, Board Director at Techstars, and former co-founder and CEO of The Sales Consultancy.

An accomplished Silicon Valley executive, Wendy has extensive experience in marketing, sales, and customer experience. She has a broad knowledge of business financing and is an expert at digital innovation, working with hundreds of companies around the world, from start-ups to large corporations.

In 2018, Wendy stepped down from her role of four years as CEO at Cintrifuse, a public-private partnership established to drive the next phase of growth for the Greater Cincinnati region through innovation enabled and delivered by startups. Now, she serves as a Board Director at Techstars, the top-ranked startup accelerator network in the world. Wendy also serves on several other boards, including Xyleme, a Learning Content Management System that empowers teams to centralize and manage content, author collaboratively, publish to multiple outputs and distribute to learning audiences, and San Francisco-based Get Satisfaction, a leader in online customer communities.

Wendy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from the School of Business Administration at the University of Mississippi.