Student Testimonials

From Bonnie Meibers, alum of the Inside Washington Summer Program 2016, who today is a news reporter for the Dayton Daily News:

Applying for the Inside Washington program was the best thing that I could have possibly done for myself.

Now, while I know that sounds cliché, it is the truth. I got great work experience with a Congressional reporter. Not only did I learn that I can work and thrive in a high-stress work environment, but I learned to be more confident in myself. I also learned a great deal from the program director in DC, Chad Pergram. As one of the best congressional reporters in the business, Pergram is a wealth of knowledge and a great ally to have.

The Inside Washington program came at a perfect time for me. My time in Washington helped me grow up and it truly put me on the right track.

I formed many lasting and true friendships on the trip. I am thankful for my Inside Washington family everyday—I wish I had gotten to know each and every one of them sooner!

From Amanda Bruno, alum of the Inside Washington Summer Program 2016, who today is a government affairs associate at The Ohio State University:

Inside Washington is one of the programs I am happiest that I participated in during my time at Miami.

The speaker series taught me how to ask intelligent questions, be prepared for meetings, and gave me confidence in my ability to interact with high profile, highly intelligent people. After the speaker series, I interned at the Capitol Initiatives Group, a small lobbying firm located right behind Capitol Hill.

I had two favorite things about my internship. My supervisor assigned me real writing and research that went out to our clients, and he also brought me with him to meetings on Capitol Hill with lawmakers. Instead of spending the summer doing usual intern tasks like making copies and picking up doughnuts, I did concrete work.

Secondly, I loved the clients that my firm had, especially Nationwide Children’s Hospital. We were able to work with representatives of the hospital to educate lawmakers on the importance of increased funding for pediatric cancer research and I felt like I was truly able to help the lives of children in need through my work. Finally, Inside Washington not only gives you invaluable work experience in Washington, it also gives you amazing connections to people within the city.

From Daniella Propati, alum of the Inside Washington Spring Program 2016, who today is a campaign manager for a Virginia House of Delegates candidate:

For me, Inside Washington was a life changing experience. I’ve had an interest in politics from a young age, and I always knew I wanted to pursue it as a career option. This program gave me the opportunity to have a first hand experience as an intern in Washington, D.C., as an undergraduate. I learned how to network, make connections, work in a professional environment, and acclimate myself to a big city.

I think the best part of this program is the opportunity to live in Washington D.C. because it allows you to get to know the city, and the expectations that come with creating a life there, without actually having to take the risk of moving there.

In my case, it solidified my decision to move there after I graduate because I knew it was exactly where I wanted to be – I fell in love with the city. But, now, I have friends who already live there, I know my way around, and I have a much better idea of what I want my career to be. Without, Inside Washington I would not have that same sense of confidence that moving there after I graduate was the perfect choice.


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