Summer Inside Washington Program is an eight-credit, ten-week, 400-level course cross-listed between Political Science, Communications, and Journalism (MAC/JRN/POL 426). You should take the course in whichever subject the elective hours suit you best based on your major or minor. This one course provides you with the full credits based on the entire summer program from the speaker sessions to your internship.Brett Baier and summer 15 students                                               Summer 2015 Students with Bret Baier

Spring Semester Inside Washington Program: is a sixteen-credit, full semester program consisting of four experiential courses taken by all of the Inside Washington students.

  1. Inside Washington Semester Experience (4 credit hours): takes place during the first five weeks of the semester. This involves an intensive study of the Washington community, government institutions, public officials, and the media. It utilizes prominent guest speakers from these areas as well as trips to key Washington venues.
  2. The Washington Community (3 credit hours): involves the examination of American national politics and governance through the study of the Washington, D.C. community as political, social system. It focuses on the development and behavior of the community and its constituent elements.  Both of these courses take place during the first 5 weeks of the semester
  3. Internship (7 credit hours): a full-time internship from week six on through the conclusion of the semester. Students will be placed in internships that directly link to their academic and professional interests.
  4. Independent Study (2 credit hours): the completion of a research paper detailing a particular issue of the student’s internship site.

Summer v. Spring Program:

Spring Summer
Length 15 weeks 10 weeks
Start Date Mid-January Late May
2017 Tuition Same as a semester on the Oxford Campus In-state: $4,535

Out of state: $ 7,423

Housing @4,500 @$3,600