Woodley Park


Woodley Park is located in northwest Washington across from Rock Creek Park and close to the Adams Morgan neighborhood. The biggest attraction is the Smithsonian’s National Zoo famed for its giant Pandas. The Metro stop, Woodley Park/Adams Morgan is just steps from WISH housing. There are a broad range of fast-food, casual and up-market restaurants within easy walking distance from WISH.  Some of the most popular include:

Open City

District Kitchen

LiLLies Resturant and Bar

Hot N Juicy Crawfish

woodley-park-21There are several stores within an easy walk of the housing including:
Manhattan Market – A small supermarket with cereal, milk, frozen foods, bread, and some fresh produce. It’s more expensive than Giant (below), but when you factor in Metro costs, it’s a good place if you only need a few items. Also, it’s one of the rare places you can buy quarters when the BU Center’s change machine runs dry.

CVS – The pharmacy that also carries energy bars, basic medical and toiletry supplies, and some snack foods.

Dry Cleaners – There are two dry cleaners near the Metro station on either side of Connecticut Ave. They have comparable prices and service. Try them both and see what you like or stick with one unless they give you a reason to switch. Make sure to plan ahead what clothes you’ll be 0_4200_0_2800_one_USA_WashingtonDC_WoodleyPark_CKW-42needing since turnaround time is usually 1-2 business days. Remember to ask when your items will be ready and keep in mind that they follow posted hours closely.

Giant – Okay, it’s not really an “easy walk”–you have to take the Metro two stops north to Van Ness–but once you’re there it’s literally right outside the north exit. Giant is a full-scale supermarket (think Kroger) with all the usual goods. Most people find it worthwhile to go with some of their suitemates the first weekend to stock up on apartment supplies (dishwasher soap, toilet paper, bathroom rugs, hand soaps, and paper towels) as well as food. Whenever you’re out of enough things to justify the cost of the Metro, head up to Giant (just make sure to only get what you can carry back on the Metro, or bring a hand-cart with you). See the customer service desk to get their free discount card.