About Program Expenses


Tuition Costs:

To participate in the spring semester program, the tuition cost is the same as a semester on the Oxford campus. Housing for the 15 weeks of the program costs approximately $4,600.

To participate in the summer program, the tuition cost is approximately$4,700 for in-state students, and $7,700 for out of state students. The housing cost is $3,700 for the full 10 weeks of the program

Food Costs:

There are kitchens in the WISH Woodly Park apartments so students may buy food and cook at home. Eating out can be expensive, however there are deals to be found at smaller restaurants. Some of the restaurants in areas such as Chinatown offer great deals for an ample meal. It is easy to get to a grocery store by using the Metro. Frequently during the program, lunch will be on the run (energy bars have saved many students in past years). There are also many great street-side vendors available around the city. $100-$150 per week is a reasonable estimate, but it’s easy to spend significantly more or less depending on your habits.

Travel Costs:
Transportation costs can vary greatly depending on when a flight is booked or whether you are driven to Washington. Students should not keep a car in DC. The cost of parking is prohibitive; WISH Woodly Park does not have parking facilities, and the excellent Washington Metro system makes a car largely unnecessary. All students will be required to buy Metro passes which will cost about $35 per week.

Entertainment Costs:

Entertainment costs will vary greatly depending on what you decide to do while in Washington. Many museums are free; costs of other attractions will be comparable to any other large city. There are many things that can be done for free, but money can go quickly. A reasonable budget would be $50-$100 per week. That way you will not feel constrained if you want to do something fun on a day off.

Cost recap: (2017 figures)

Summer Program
Tuition:  $4,360
Housing:  $3600
Transportation: estimated $500
Food:  estimated $1,300
Incidentals:  estimated $500
Spring Program
Tuition:  Exactly the same as Oxford semester tuition
Housing:  estimated $4,500
Transportation:  $650
Food:  estimated $2,000
Incidentals:  estimated $700

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