Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 6.20.48 PM  Students with Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

Q. I’m not a Political Science, Journalism, or Communciations major, can I still do the program?

A. Yes. Inside Washington accepts students from any major. Graduate students are also welcome. What we are looking for are students with a solid academic track record who have a strong interest in learning first-hand how government, politics, and media intersect in Washington.

Q. How does this course count towards my major field of study?

A. That depends on what your major is. Inside Washington’s Summer program counts for 8 hours of Political Science, Journalism, and Communication credit at the 400-level. Strategic Communication majors can count the course as one of their elective major courses; students can count the course as one of their specialization courses. Media and Culture majors can count the course as their required Signature Experience. Other majors should consult their advisor as to how the course will be counted. See the Academics page for more information.

Q. How are students selected for the program?

A. Students complete an application and submit it along with a resume and DARS. All applicants are then interviewed by the program coordinator and the professor teaching the program in DC. About 15-17 students are selected; other students may be wait-listed and still have an opportunity to attend. Summer applicants are notified around Thanksgiving break; spring semester applicants are notified shortly after they interview for the program.  The deadline for summer applicants is approximately November 1st; there is a rolling deadline for spring semester applicants.

Q. Once students are selected for the program do they have any course-related responsibilities before the beginning of the class?

A. Yes. There will typically be at least four meetings of the class during the semester before you go to Washington. One meeting will be an orientation to the program and meeting with alums of the program. The other meetings will be used to bring the class up to speed on issues relating to the course content.

Q. Where do students live in Washington?

A. Students will be living at the WISH Woodley Park Center. The housing is apartment-style with three double bedrooms per unit. Each unit also has a kitchen and living room and has free wi-fi and cable television. WISH Woodley Park Center is located on Connecticut Avenue close to restaurants, shops and the Washington Metro.

Q. What is the cost of the program? Is any financial aid available?

A. Tuition for Summer 2017 in state will be $4,535 and out-of state is $7,423. Housing for the program is approximately $3,600 Other costs include transportation to and from Washington (students make their own arrangements) and within Washington during the program (a Metro pass costs about $300 for the 9 weeks). Food costs vary widely depending on students’ lifestyles and how much use they make of the kitchen facilities in their housing units. There is limited financial available for students.

Q. How is the program structured?

A. The first section of the program consists of a mix of guest speakers, field trips, and lectures. As noted above, the speakers consist of prominent figures from government, politics, and media. The final segment of the program is an internship. Students are placed in internships based on their areas of interest and professional goals.

Q. Where have past students interned?

A. Past internship sites include the offices of numerous members of Congress including Senator Maria Cantwell and former Senator Mike DeWine, and House Leaders John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi. Other students have interned for government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and media organizations including NBC, USA Today, Fox News, and C-SPAN.

Q. I’ve heard of other schools who have Washington-based programs. What makes Miami’s program unique?

A. While other schools offer some form of Washington experience, Miami’s program stands out for a number of reasons. First, since we only take a handful of students to Washington, the degree of interaction they have with guest speakers is extraordinary. Our students have had the chance to meet in an intimate setting with people such as Justice Samuel Alito, Senator Bob Dole, Sam Donaldson, Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Richard Myers, Senator Maria Cantwell and countless other noteworthy figures from politics, government, and media. Second, the small size of our program along with our extensive Washington contacts enables students to visit venues such as the CIA, the Pentagon, the State Department, NBC’s “Meet the Press,” USA Today, and the West Wing of the White House. Finally, because of the size of the program, we can individualize the internship placement to fit the students’ academic and professional interests.