Past Meetings

April 10, 2019, 5:00 PM–6:20 PM, 238 Irvin Hall
Topic: Introduction to the Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity 

Collin Baer (Associate Director, Investigations) and DeniseIson (Assistant Director, Employment Compliance) from OEEO gave an overview of the OEEO’s role and mission, informed members of the general process for reporting and investigation of cases made with the OEEO, and the duty to report for all Miami community. IFSAM members asked questions about the ways the OEEO could support international faculty and staff, when they should seek OEEO’s support, and the type of information they would need to provide when contacting the OEEO. When a report is made to the OEEO, it is kept in a confidential file. The progress of the case is complainant-driven; that is, they will pursue action at the complainant’s level of comfort, which may include informal methods and staff re-training (for example). 

Some IFSAM members brought up the impact of end-of-semester teaching evaluations in the careers of International faculty, which could pose challenges in securing promotion and tenure, as well as the related visa issues for the visiting international faculty.  Concerns about harassment, discrimination, and pay gap would involve the OEEO, but would require adequate evidence (a preponderance of evidence) to relate these issues to the protected groups (identified by race, ethnicity, color, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, disability, age, military status, veteran status, etc.). Concerns were raised about the lack of a centralized office for faculty and staff complaints, as some of the complaints may go beyond the scope of the responsibilities of the OEEO and the Academic Personnel.

Nevertheless, the OEEO does keep track of patterns of reports. For example, one case filed against a person may lead to no action on its own, but if several complaints are made by different individuals against the same person, this establishes a pattern that may compel the OEEO to investigate. 

For more information, visit the OEEO’s website and the Offices of Diversity and Inclusion’s incident reporting page.

March 6, 2019, 5:00 PM–6:20 PM, Great Room (MacMillan Hall)
Topic: Miami’s Strategic Plan

Co-chairs of Miami’s  Strategic Planning Steering Committee, Dr. Robert Applebaum (Gerontology) and  Julia Guichard (Theatre), met with IFSAM members on March 6, 2019, for a discussion on the steering committee’s activities and goals. The co-chairs summarized Miami’s current challenges within today’s higher education ecosystem, including budgetary constraints and cultural aspects that need to be considered with any change initiative.

The steering committee has held over 30 listening sessions with various stakeholders within the university to date. The co-chairs encouraged everyone to continue providing input, especially on how to do things differently and “turn some of our disadvantages into advantages.” They hope to provide a summary update of the developing recommendations by late April. IFSAM members expressed their willingness to come alongside the committee and contribute to specific implementation tasks. Any feedback may be sent to the Steering Committee (, and more information can be found via the webpage:


February 6, 2019, 5:00 PM–6:20 PM, Great Room (MacMillan Hall)
Topic: Promotion for International Faculty

Three tenured professors (Amy Yousefi-Engineering; Zara Torlone-Classics, Haifei Shi- Biology), two lecturers (Madhu Sinha-Interdisciplinary and Communication Studies, Irena Kola- ACE & English), and one staff member (Elizabeth Farrar- E-Learning) shared strategies and their experiences of promotion at Miami. Q/A sessions specific to international instructors followed.

Download the meeting notes.