Miami 2018 CSA Sign Up Form: 

For information contact:  Peggy Shaffer,



2018 CSA

We are now accepting new subscribers for our summer and fall 2018 CSA.

CSA Offerings:

  • Summer 2018 CSA (14 weeks) May 24 through August 23
  • Fall 2018 CSA (14 weeks) August 30 through November 29
  • Combined Summer & Fall CSA (28 weeks)                                            May 24 through November 29

This season we are offering 2 box sizes:

  • A small box for 1-2 people includes 6 items per week with the opportunity to self select an additional 1 to 2 items during the weekly pick up
  • A large box for a family of 4 includes 10 items per week with the opportunity to self select an additional 2 to 4 items during the weekly pick up

Based on responses to our 2017 CSA survey, boxes will be filled each week with sustainably grown staple crops such as lettuce, onions, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and broccoli. Self-selection options will focus on seasonally available specialty crops such as bok choy, Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, hot peppers and eggplant.

Cost & Sign-Up:

  • A small box for each 14-week CSA is $220
  • A large box is for each 14-week CSA is $385
  • A small box for the combined summer & fall CSA is $400
  • A large box for the combined summer & fall CSA is $700

To subscribe, please complete the following form and send a check to the address below.  Note that we will be signing up CSA subscribers on a first come first serve basis.  We need a minimum of 25 subscribers to launch the 2018 CSA; our maximum number of subscribers is 100 for summer and 150 for fall.  Once we meet those subscription goals, we will add names to a waiting list.  We will be accepting subscriptions for the summer and the combined CSA until May 17,  2017; we will be accepting subscriptions for the fall CSA until August 17, 2018.

Checks should be made out to Institute for Food and sent or delivered to:

The Institute for Food  c/o Denise Withrow

120 Shideler Hall

Miami University

250 S. Patterson Avenue

Oxford, OH 45056.


Name:  ­__________________________________________________________________

Alternate Name for Pick-Up:  __________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________________________

Contact phone: _________________________________________________________________________

Select Box Option:

________Combined Summer & Fall SMALL $400

________Combined Summer & Fall LARGE $700

________Summer 2018 SMALL $220

________Summer 2018 LARGE $385

________Fall 2018 SMALL $220

________Fall 2018 LARGE $385

If you know you will be out of town on certain weeks during the season, please list below and indicate whether you would like to donate your share to Oxford Choice Food Pantry or give your share to a neighbor or friend.

­­­­­­­­Dates to donate___________________________________________________________________

Note:  Apologies, at this time we are only able to accept checks for CSA subscriptions.
Miami Summer CSA Policies

Institute for Food

The Institute for Food is a Provost Interdisciplinary Innovation project to engage the Miami University community around issues of food, health, and sustainable agriculture.  Our mission is to foster healthy food, healthy eating, healthy communities, and a healthy planet.  To support these goals, we are working on an interdisciplinary co-major in food systems and food studies; we operate a sustainable farm, which serves as a living laboratory for experiential learning, collaborative research, and community engagement; and we cultivate community partnerships with organizations, both in Oxford and the greater Cincinnati area, working to enhance food access and resilience within the region.

Institute for Food Farm

The Institute for Food Farm is located at the corner of Morning Sun and Somerville roads on a section of the historic Austin-Magie Farm and Mill District.  All fruits and vegetables are grown using sustainable and organic practices that adhere to USDA food safety guidelines.  We are committed to ecological practices to grow nutritious food; we support biodiversity; we use integrated pest management, organic compost, and natural plant based products to help build and maintain healthy soils and healthy plants.  Artificial chemicals and synthetic fertilizers are not used. We are currently working towards organic certification by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA). The farm is set up as a learning laboratory and working business, owned by Miami University and operated by Institute for Food staff and Miami University students.  All proceeds from this project go to support our farm operating budget and farm staff.

Sign Out Sheet

Box Pick-Up will be on Thursdays from 4:00-6:00 PM at the Cook Field Parking Lot Pavilion.  Please be sure to sign your name each week on the weekly sign out to sheet to indicate you have collected your weekly share.  Provide alternative names for others who will pick up your box each week.


If you are away for a week or two during the season and would like to donate your weekly share to the Oxford Choice Food Pantry, please indicate the dates you are away on the subscription sign-up form; or contact Institute for Food Farm staff to let them know.  You may also give your weekly share to a neighbor or friend.  Please make sure you let your friend or neighbor know when and where to pick up your weekly share and that they should sign out using your name.

Missed-Pick Up

If, for some reason, you miss the scheduled pick up time and have not made prior arrangements, please contact Ian Privitera or Charles Griffin (contact information below) by noon the following day to make alternative arrangements.

Cancelation of CSA Subscription

Should you need to cancel your CSA subscription for any reason, refunds will be prorated to cover collected weekly shares and one additional week for processing.  To cancel your subscription, please contact Peggy Shaffer (see information below).

CSA Best Practices

Please make sure to clean and return your box each week.   Note that the selection and diversity of produce will shift throughout the season.  We will strive to provide the optimum diversity of produce available each week during the season.  We will do our best to keep you informed about what will be included in the weekly harvest, and whether we have encountered any harvest set backs that might impact what is included in your weekly share.  If you have any problems or questions please let us know, and we will do our best to address the issue.

Contact Information:

Ian Privitera Mr.Privitera@hotmail.com 513-600-6178

Charles Griffin  griffic8@miamioh.edu 513-693-0007

Peggy Shaffer  shaffems@miamioh.edu  513-529-7527

Fostering healthy food, healthy eating, healthy communities and a healthy planet.