fall csa 2020 – week 7

Cook-Field Pick-Up, Thursday October 8, 3:30-6pm

Produce this week…

  • acorn squash (double share)
  • beets
  • cut lettuce
  • delicata squash
  • gourds
  • kale
  • peppers
  • tomatoes (self-select)

Tentative produce list for October 15…

  • beets (young w/tops)
  • garlic
  • mixed Asian greens
  • radish
  • spaghetti squash

Farm updates…

Although there are still warm and sunny days to enjoy, the farm is fully transitioning to fall and winter. The outdoor growing of vegetables such as carrots and turnips will end around October 31, while there will be more indoor growing for products like spinach, lettuce and radish until Thanksgiving. Farm staff never stops planning for the next season and they are anticipating to grow strawberry and asparagus in 2021. The number of students volunteering in the field has constantly increased in the last couple of weeks, and their help has been a great support to the daily tasks at the farm. Stay tuned for more updates on students’ stories in the following weeks!

What to do with your produce this week…

Annie Klein this week invites us to try a vegetarian stuffed acorn recipe:

quinoa stuffed acorn squash


Here are more suggestions on how to use the squash from this week: delicata squash. Well known for its striped exterior, delicata squash is rich in Vitamins A and C. The delicata squash goes under a variety of names like peanut squash, sweet potato squash, bohemian squash or sweet dumpling squash. Delicata are smaller than other winter squashes, so they are a perfect dinner for two.

delicata squash, pomegranate and arugula salad


As always, if you have any particular recipes you love and would like to share, we’d be happy to post it for you in the future blogs!