Cook Field Pick-Up, Thursday August 13, 3:30-6pm

Produce this week…

  • basil
  • cabbage
  • carrots
  • cucumbers
  • green beans
  • summer squash (multiple variety and colors)
  • sweet onions
  • swiss chard
  • tomatoes

Tentative produce list for August 20

  • garlic
  • kale
  • shallots
  • zucchini

Farm updates…

Farm staff is busy harvesting a lot of vegetables and as you may have noticed, the list of weekly produce is getting longer and richer. In your bag you may see only some of the vegetables listed above though. For example, you will receive Swiss chard or cabbage, but probably not both. Still, we promise your share will be rich and with different kind of vegetables. We also wanted to advise you to refrigerate your sweet onions, as they are not meant to be outside in this hot and humid climate. And now, some more interesting updates from the farm…

Sauerkrauts coming soon!

We are very excited to announce that we are working with Fab Ferments, a very reputable and super healthy locally based company, to use our cabbage (yes, we did cultivate a lot of cabbage this summer…) for sauerkrauts! We are currently offering pre-orders for $10 per jar (16 oz-454 gr.) – We will accept pre-orders from this week until the end of August. After that, sauerkrauts will be $12 per jar. We will initially do a batch of 80 jars, so there is limited availability. If you are a fan of fermented foods and love the benefits your body receives from this lively food, please leave your pre-order and your name when you go to pick-up your weekly share. We will make sure to save your jar. We will process sauerkrauts at the beginning of September so that they will be ready by October.


The Fall CSA program will begin on August 27 and many of you have already secured your share. As our cultivated field keeps growing in size, we have some more CSA spots left. Feel free to share our website or CSA program with your friends and family, we’ll be happy to include them in our pick-up list.

Volunteering Stories: Gleaners Ohio

The Institute for Food is very grateful to the work and presence of Gleaners Ohio in our farm. They work hard and come from different places and distances, including Hamilton, Cincinnati and Columbus just to spend a few hours at our farm. They glean and then re-distribute and donate the bulk of the harvest to their community. It can be local organizations, food pantries, and meal facilities that serve food insecure people. Sue Plummer is the main point of reference for Gleaners Ohio, and she has been coming with her group of volunteers to MU farm since last year. The farm not only is grateful for their help, but is also happy to know that our vegetables are going in the plates of families and communities at risk, especially in these very precarious times. Currently Gleaners Ohio has 125 volunteers registered, and last year they gleaned over 5300 pounds of produce on 10 farms in 6 different counties. Last week, they gleaned from our farm around 500 pounds of green beans to donate. They are doing a great job and we feel honored to be able to help them in their mission! Below is a link if you are interested to learn more about Gleaners Ohio:

What to do with your produce this week


This week we should give some attention to cabbage and its amazing properties. Cabbage is often overlooked despite its impressive content in vitamins and minerals. It is rich of vitamin B6 and folate, both essentials for energy metabolism and the normal functioning of the nervous system. In addition, it is loaded with antioxidants. Cabbage is also rich in Vitamin C. If you want to improve your digestive system, this crunchy vegetable is also full of gut-friendly insoluble fibers, which are known to increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut. For example, sauerkrauts are a great addition in your daily meal to help you keep your digestion healthy and regular.

Cooking with cabbage

We are happy to post a suggested recipe from our CSA member Rick Ingersoll. Although we received it a couple of weeks ago, we thought to wait to focus specifically on cabbage before sharing it with you. Rick says it is a simple but very good dish. He cooks it in a cast-iron skillet with a tight-fitting lid, similar to a Dutch oven.

Braised Cabbage

This week we posted a long blog, hopefully we were able to engage you till the end. Remember, we love to hear from you and will post anything you would like to share (pictures of your dishes with our vegetables and recipes) related to the CSA produces.


and stay tuned for more updates from the farm!