CSA Week 5 Pickup!

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  • Carrots
  • Radish
  • Beets
  • Swiss Chard
  • Bok Choi
  • Onions
  • Arugula

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  • All of the above plus..
  • Kale the SuperFood

*read below to see some fun facts about keeping the nutrients in the produce that makes this a superfood

Alrighty, so this week same format, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Let’s go! Oh and snack, I forgot about that. For some of the categories I got too excited about all the different options that I added a couple extra just in case there are a food enthusiasts out there! Also a lot of these recipes have overlapping ingredients because I never seem to buy just the right proportions of ingredients at Kroger so to avoid wasteful spending and feel really good about using every single ounce of the stuff you buy, you’re all set with these recipes!

To find any of this weeks recipes and ingredient list, follow this link! You might have to copy and paste the URL into a new tab. https://www.pinterest.com/instituteforfood/boards/



Open Faced Arugula Omelet with Prosciutto and Goat Cheese

My family is Croatian/Bosnian and this is something I love to cook that is the perfect combination of hearty, comforting, and just darn good healthy tasting food. We don’t make it look this fancy though! So Sunday morning brunch here we come! Prosciutto meat is one of my absolute favorites and if you have any extra left over after you finish your masterpiece, take your favorite crackers or bread, grab a class of wine, cut up veggies, sit on the porch, and enjoy life. That little snack time will be better than an hour long yoga routine (even though I love yoga too).

Savory Radish and Goat Cheese Muffin

These look amazing haha I was shocked that you could put radishes in muffins! Who would’ve thought?!? I didn’t get the chance to make these so if you do, let me know if they live up to their ingenuity.

Avocado and Radish Toast

Who can’t love the idea of avocados and bread? Unless you don’t like avocados… or bread, then that makes sense. Anyways! For those of you veggie lovers this is perfect, but for the meat lovers (ME!) throw some of the extra prosciutto or an over-easy fried egg on top of this guy. Also, make sure to season the avocado with salt and pepper, it brings all the flavors together much better if those two are there!


White Wine Beet, Goat Cheese, and Arugula Panini

So I made this little guy and I found out two things. The first is that beets have the most beautiful magenta color ever! The next thing  is that this color gets over your entire outfit and towel when cooking and cutting haha so I advise an apron and napkins when prepping beets but the actual panini was delectable, smooth, and fresh. My housemates told me I should go up against Gordon Ramsy with this recipe!


2 options!!! We should make a poll and see which one wins! You can tell me next Thursday which one you like the best if you would like to chit chat with the new girl 🙂

Roasted Sausage, Chards, and Cannellini Beans with Maple Roasted Carrot Salad

Savory with sweet, I don’t know how you could get any better! Also I think that anything cooked in a cast iron skillet automatically tastes better so I may be partial to this recipe, but I would love to hear back from everyone about which was better!


Bok Choi Stir-fry with Spicy Korean Carrot Salad

I had a discussion with one of my physics TAs on whether tofu could ever substitute chicken in stir fry, and as I mentioned before I am a meat eater so you can guess which point of view I was supporting. But alas I concede and admit that TOFU CAN EQUAL CHICKEN! And it kind of looks the same as chicken so if you are giving it to the kids, just omit that it is tofu. They’ll probably read right through that, but its worth the shot!



Frozen Kale and Berry Smoothie Bowl

These smoothie bowls seem to be the newest trend in hipster eating which I find hysterical because they just took the smoothie out of a cup and put it into a bowl hahahah but who am I to say anything on the subject. Nevertheless, a smoothie and as much fruit as possible sounds hunky dory to me!

Fun Fact

Kale, the superfood! *que Avengers theme song*

So here are some of the neat facts that I learned about kale and its superfood qualities!

  1. It is part of the Brassica family which includes broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and Chinese cabbage
  2. The only way to maintain the health benefits of this food is to ensure proper planting and care taking (guaranteed by our wonderful Charles, Ian, Stephanie, and all other volunteers) and the proper cooking techniques!
  3. When you freeze kale make sure to blanch the kale and then freeze it for the best retention of its nutrients.
  4. Also, steam rather than boil the kale if you are cooking it for a recipe!

Well that’s all that I have got for this week. Get cooking, have fun, kiss your loved ones, feed them good food, and sing a little bit out loud this weekend because I think its good for the soul!

Happy Healthy Eating!



Francisco, M., Tortosa, M., Martínez, Ballesta, M. C., Velasco, P., García, Viguera, C., & Moreno, D. (2017). Nutritional and phytochemical value of Brassica crops from the agrifood perspective. Annals of Applied Biology, 170(2), 273-285. doi:10.1111/AAB.12318