Kramer Volunteer Day

On May 1st, 35 Kramer elementary students visited the farm on an Earth Club field trip. 8 volunteers came out to help the interns run the event, each of them playing a huge role in bringing smiles to the kids’ faces. We want to start off the blog by thanking everyone who helped make it happen. You guys are the best.

From the moment the kids ran through a tunnel of cheering students to the time they stepped back onto the bus, they had a fantastic time. The interns and volunteers set up 5 stations around the farm for the kids to get a diverse, hands-on learning experience. On top of being fun and educational for the Kramer students, the Miami students who led each station got a chance to share their knowledge of different farm activities.

At one station, the kids learned about seeds and got a chance to plant sunflower and corn seeds. They tamped their own holes, planted the seeds, and covered them with soil. The bed where they planted their seeds runs along the farm’s entry road—the youngsters can come back and see the fruits of their labor this summer.

At another station, the children learned about compost, dug through a bucket of dirt for worms, and created their own compost bin. They looooved playing with the worms, and many of the kids were excited to talk about the different ways that they compost at home.


A bug scavenger hunt had the students running around the garlic looking for pictures of different pollinators and pests. They were so smart during the “is this bug a friend or an enemy” quiz that Farm Manager Lauren Wulker was still raving about their answers 3 days later.


Local tradesman Scott Jasper brought in his human-powered machines for the youngins to try their hand at shucking and grinding corn. He also had a saw, wood splitter, and furnace on site so the kids could see the full transformation of corn into cornbread. The kids’ favorite activity at the station was shucking the corn—multiple children said that it was just oddly satisfying.


But who could forget the chicken station?! The youngsters were given the chance to hold 3 beautiful live chickens and learn about caring for the birds. Each group came up with names for the chickens, with the interns’ favorites being Oreo, KFC, and Goldieflaps.

The kids had an amazing time, but you don’t need to take my word for it. 5th Grade teacher and Earth Club coordinator said “the kids are having so much fun! Most of these kids have never held a live chicken or handled worms before. This has been amazing.” It was nice having some youthful energy on the farm–for everyone involved.