Man, the Creature

Man, the Creature 

Written by Mackenzie Kirkman & Directed by Maddie Mitchell

Dates: Saturday, February 23 & Sunday, February 24
Times: Saturday 7:30 pm. Tickets:
Sunday 2:00 pm. Tickets:

Where: Heistand Hall 100

Showing snapshots from Dostoevsky’s four years in prison, this story distorts itself from the
truth of his life that it is based on, creating instead the character of Goryanchinkov who
endures the prison for Dostoevsky. This piece moves forward thematically, exploring the
strength of the human spirit even in the most difficult circumstances.

Cast and crew:

Dostoevsky: Austin Lamewona

Goryanchinkov: Mari McKinney

Akim Akimych: Rian Sondag

Petrov: Jack Troiano

Soldier/Gazin: Avery Pinta

One/Voice: Annie Watson

Two/Major: Olivia Gorom

Three/Messenger: Beth Pfohl


Stage Manager/Sound Designer: Joe Yeager

Lighting Designer: Worley Stidham

Scenic and Prop Designer: Annie Watson

Costume Designer: Michelle Guiot

Run Crew: Charlotte Snee