Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs 
Written and directed by Caleb Russell

Dates: Friday, February 22  and Saturday, February 23
Times: Friday 7:30 pm. Tickets:
Saturday Matinee, after 21 Chump Street double bill.       Tickets:

Heistand Hall 100 

Internal Affairs follows the story of John who suffers from depression, and begins to have
dreams about a friend in college years ago. Over time, the dreams (seemingly good) help him get out of his depression,  until he starts to become obsessed with them, trying to
sleep whenever he can. This play address how non-tangible things like emotions, religious
beliefs, love, dreams, aspirations, etc. can have a profound impact on us, even if no
one else will ever truly understand them.


Worley Stidham, John

Jamie Chmielewski, Scarlett

Beth Pfohl, Amy