Colors and Shadows

March 2 and 4, 2017
7:30 pm 
Hiestand Hall: Room 100 

By Gloria Bond Clunie
Directed by Jeffrey K. Miller


BLU poster_

Blu is not like the other 8th grade students and she doesn’t want to be. Inside Blu’s room, her brother and his friends search for Blu’s missing journal. In their quest, they discover that there is much more to be found. As Blu’s story unfolds, the frame of her world is brought into focus for her brother and the audience as her brightly colored personality is diminished to grayed darkness. Told at the intersection of two worlds, the play offers the opportunity for the audience to see the “bullying” problem from multiple perspectives and to make connections to the direct and indirect effects of bullying behavior on the world around us. The play contains LGBTQA+ themes, as well as themes of suicide. There will be a discussion after the performance led by the Director and the cast with a focus on extending awareness about bullying and suicide in LGBTQA+ youth communities.

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How do you see the world? This is what Blu sees. Come see it with us March 2 and 4!

"No one sees the colors I see"

“No one sees the colors I see”

This  Dance Team celebrates our differences and the strength that comes from them.                     Mahomet-Seymour High School Dance Team.                                                                                “What Are You Afraid Of?” by Jon Jorgenson

March 31 and April 1
7:30 pm
Oxford Community Arts Center

Mac’s Worlds

A participatory theatre event
Written and directed by Jeffrey K. Miller

Inspired from the play written by 5th grade students at Hawthorne, Elementary in Louisville, KY with Looking for Lilith Theatre Company. In our modern world, sometimes we forget that what we say on the computer or phone screen has consequences with our friends, peers and family. In this Forum Theatre Workshop, Youth and their families will take on an active role in the story with the ability to change the decisions of the characters. As a community, the audience and the performers will journey through Mac’s Worlds to discover the connections to their own. Participants may even get a chance to become actors in the show! It’s up to us to help Mac get through her struggles with “bullying”, decision-making and family relationships. Through the dialogue and workshop, Mac’s Worlds may even help us learn something about ourselves.


The cast of Mac’s Worlds begins its process of providing a space to empower youth to begin to understand their own worlds.  Come to Oxford Community Arts Center March 31, and April 1 at 730 to help us change the world!

Natasia Reinhart, Cate Hudson, Rachel Scardina, Jalana Phillips, Jordan Dinwiddie, Aidan McBrean.

Natasia Reinhart, Cate Hudson, Rachel Scardina, Jalana Phillips, Jordan Dinwiddie, Aidan McBrean.