Almost an Evening

February 23 and 24, 2018
8:00 pm
Location: Hiestand Hall, Room 100
Directed by Mackenzie Kirkman   

Per Three Rivers Press:

“Raising Arizona, No Country for Old Men, Burn After Reading—the Coen brothers’ films are some of the most critically acclaimed and iconic of our time. Now, one half of the duo, Ethan Coen, adds playwrighting to his eclectic bio. In these three short plays that ran to sold-out audiences Off-Broadway in 2008, the theme is hell-both on earth and in the hereafter.

In “Waiting,” a man faces an uncertain future in an uncertain location that seems to be some kind of waiting room. The anxiety and despair hark back to dramas of the fifties–Satre, Beckett, Abbott, Costello.

“Four Benches” depicts an unlikely meeting in a steam room between a straight-talking Texan and an uptight Brit. Both men learn from the encounter, though only one survives it.

In “Debate,” the cantankerous god of the Old Testament roundly abuses the mealymouthed god of the New His profanity and ill humor receive a startling comeuppance, and further reversals and changes of point of view lead to a denouement that is no more preposterous than anything else in the play.”

Nelson/Two/Waiter: Raechel Lombardo
Receptionist/Texan/Angel One: Taylor Edwards
Mrs. Sebatachek/Lady Friend: Marjorie Trimble
McMartin/God Who Loves: Rachael O’Reilly
Polhemus/Angel Two: Kelley Feeman
One/Young Woman: Olivia Gorom
Old Man/Maitre D: Jonathon Goulding
Control/Young Man: Kyle Carson
God Who Judges: Colin Shimrock