Volume II, Issue 1. Historical Connections: From the Local to the Global


Our first issue in Volume II of Journeys into the Past features a number of articles that delve into the connections between local and global  histories.  Students in Dr. Offenburger’s two classes, the American West (Spring 2016) and Gilded Age America (Fall 2016), wrote several papers on a number of subjects, including two local historical sites, the McGuffey House and the Doty Homestead. This issue contains excellent samples that addressed these local interests as well as the broader historical themes of each respective class.  This issue also features two photo essays, by HST honors students Jacob Bruggeman and Rachel Wydra, on their recent travels.  Undergraduate Summer Scholar Matthew Kline writes about one part of his study of the Cold War, a memoir found at the Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies, and how it illuminates the cultural aspect of that conflict.  Finally, Jacob Bruggeman contributes a short op-ed and book review on the Humanities Center’s 2017-18 theme, “Urban Futures.”

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