Miami University Nu Rho Psi Gamma chapter Participated in Talawanda Science Week!

Faculty and graduate student members of Nu Rho Psi led an exciting event for 4th graders from local elementary schools.  Students learned about making decisions to move.  They discussed the processes starting from visual and auditory cues all the way to muscle movements, saw their own muscle activity on the big screen and learned about functional electrical stimulation and how research leads to improvements in human health.  Perhaps most entertaining of all, they controlled their teacher’s arm with their own muscle activity!


Students use a backyard brains human-human interface to use their own muscle activity to control their teacher’s arm!


A backyard brains muscle spiker box was used to record student muscle activity and project it onto the screen. Students learned about the process involved in generating a movement, from a visual or auditory cue through brain and spinal cord processing, to electrical and contraction responses of their muscles. Students enjoyed competing to see who could use a visual or auditory cue to catch a yard stick the fastest.


Summer Internships and Research Opportunities

  * Research Experience for Undergraduates in Sensory Ecology

* Backyard Brains Internship!

* Systems Neuroscience Study Abroad Program: 2016 summer, Budapest

* NSF-REU at 4 regional PUIs


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