Chapter Student Officers:

President: Elizabeth Belling

Vice-President: Jessika Hutchinson

Secretary: Amanda Rainey

Treasurer: Dani Tapp

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Dawn Blitz (Bio)
Dr. Matthew McMurray (Pysch)
Dr. Barbara Oswald (Pysch-Hamilton Campus)

Faculty Members:

Dr. Stephen Berry (Psych) – recording neural unit and field potential responses during rabbit eyeblink conditioning; brain-computer interface to optimize hippocampal brain state for improved coordination among distributed neural structures
Dr. Dawn Blitz (Bio) – synaptic and circuit-level mechanisms underlying selection of motor outputs; neural circuit feedback
Dr. Phyllis Callahan (Bio) – neuro-endocrinology; role of ovarian steroids
Dr. Joyce Fernandes (Bio) – neuro-muscular development
Dr. Lori Isaacson (Bio) – mechanisms of neurodegeneration and peripheral regeneration
Dr. James Janik (Bio) – neuro-endocrinology; impact of gender and reproductive states
Dr. Kathleen Killian (Bio) – brain and behavioral plasticity; neuron birth and survival
Dr. Leonard Mark (Psych) – perception of world to guide goal-directed behavior
Dr. Matthew McMurray (Psych) -The McMurray lab studies how early exposure to drugs of abuse, especially during adolescence, causes long term alterations in decision making and its underlying neurocircuitry.
Dr. Jennifer Quinn (Psych) – neuro-biological mechanisms of learning and memory
Dr. Robin Thomas (Psych) – neural mechanisms of category learning; mathematical modeling of perception and cognition