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Want to leave a positive impression with employers?

Originally posted: October 2016

By: Joe Schlotman, VP of Operation at Dewey’s Pizza

Do you want to know how to make a lasting impression with a recruiter? Do you want to stand out and achieve a milestone in your college career? Many students will have the opportunity to interview with employers and recruiters in hopes to acquire and internship or full time opportunity. Here are a few suggestions on how to leave an impression on employers from Joe Schlotman,Vice President of Operations at Dewey’s Pizza:

  1. Write a Thank You note.  A brief note expressing gratitude for time and clarifying interest is always appreciated.  You can also take the opportunity to seek out information regarding a reasonable follow-up timeline to hear or discuss what you can do to take the next step forward.
  2. Use the business to learn about company dynamics and industry related skills. Share with your desired employer partner what you learned through the initiative you took.  Saying you are interested is great, but showing initiative can set you apart from others.
  3. Seek out people in the company to network with.  See if you know anyone already working for the company and plan a time to meet with those individuals. They could be great resources and advocates to help you learn about company culture and lend advice for how to get your foot in the door.
  4. Stay open to alternative opportunities with the company. A willingness to be flexible can be a good way to differentiate yourself and give yourself more options.  The opportunity you will accept after school is very likely a first step so be flexible.

As an employer with a large presence at Miami University, these are some great suggestions to help propel you throughout the process. Don’t be afraid to reach out to employers, networking can only help you be remembered and stand out.

6 Do’s and Don’ts of Spring I.C.E.

Originally Posted: February 2016

By: Marissa Humayun

It’s here people! Spring I.C.E. is just around the corner, and soon enough, there will be a maze of black blazers making their way to Millett to score that summer internship or job. It seems like just yesterday, everyone was spending their J-term cuddled up on their couch watching The Office or studying abroad in some exotic destination. The haze of our incredibly long break has faded and it is time to get busy! This is such an amazing opportunity to develop yourself professionally, especially for underclassmen. Now, as a sophomore, I am by no means an expert on Spring I.C.E. However, I have enlisted the help of the FSB Student Services advisors for their specific advice on how students should prepare themselves for February 10th.

  1. DO your research on the companies listed. It is crucial to narrow the 224 companies down to a few you are interested in. Have a solid knowledge base for each of the companies you are interested in. Nick Cattin, Director of FSB Career & Professional Development suggests that students look into companies they have not necessarily heard of, specifically B to B companies.
  2. DO take this research and tailor your elevator pitch toward the recruiters. Compare what the internship/job description states on Career Link to your own resume, find the similarities and create a pitch that highlights the best things you can offer to the company!
  3. DO remember that Spring I.C.E. offers many options for sophomores seeking experience. There is a First-Year Friendly Employer drop down box on the Spring I.C.E. Participants page that is useful in your research. Also, Brenda Homan of EY Professional Development and Accountancy Advising suggests that sophomore students take advantage of various summer leadership programs offered by many big names (Accounting students in particular can receive academic credit for this type of experiential learning as well!)
  4. DON’T forget to apply for your prospective jobs and internships on Career Link or on the company’s “careers” website as soon as possible! Monique Frost, Associate Director of FSB Career and Professional Development recommends this, as it will eliminate the question of “Have you applied?” and will show the recruiters that you are very interested in their position!
  5. DON’T forget to send Thank You’s to the recruiters you spoke to. It may sound obvious, but it is a key part to building a connection with a potential employer. Write down their names or snag their business cards and then email them a warm thank you! (Also, utilize LinkedIn to maintain a means of contact with the recruiter).
  6. DON’T stress! It seems cliché or nearly impossible sometimes as a full-time student, but the less stress you have about Spring I.C.E., the more successful it will go for you!

Best of luck readers!

Don’t have time for an advising appointment with one of our advisors? Email us at fsbcareers@miamioh.edu with your questions!