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Relieve final exam stress with these tips

Is the end of the semester stressful? Read about the top ways to relieve your stress!

Originally Posted: November/December 2016

By: Vlad Kovacevic

Welcome back from Thanksgiving break! As you all know, final exams are quickly approaching. Although it is a very busy time, we urge you to relax and try not to stress. Test anxiety will only make it more difficult to get the score you had hoped. You all were admitted to this institution for a reason so have faith in your capabilities. Here are a few suggestions to make sure that you remain healthy and control your stress throughout finals week:

  • Do not cram! Although this is a tough task with everything going on in every student’s life, studying in intervals and starting early will help dramatically. By even taking an hour out of your day earlier in the week, it will help make things less stressful as the exam approaches.
  • Exercise! You can help improve your memory by just doing twenty minutes of cardio! Also, exercise will help increase your energy and reduce stress.
  • Eat healthy! Studies show that students having a healthy balanced diet performed better on their exams. By taking a small study break every hour to have a snack, you are refueling your body and brain which has a significant increase on the how productive your studying is. A few great options for a snack are almonds, fruit, and yogurt.
  • Change study spots! Sitting in the same spot can become boring and draining. Studies show that students who change locations to study perform better on exams. So alternate between the library, study rooms, and coffee houses.
  • Time manage! As stated earlier, cramming only causes more stress. So create a plan on what you should study when and make sure to include breaks to give your brain a rest. This will help with your studying schedule and boost your exam scores!
  • Sleep! Try to avoid pulling an all-nighter. Your brain needs the rest and the effects of not sleeping have a huge impact on your memory. Your brain will not get the REM cycles it needs and ultimately leading to a worse test score.
  • Put the phone away! One of the biggest problems with our generation is the amount of distractions around us. In order to get the most out of our studying, make sure to put your phone on silent and put it in a place where it can’t distract you.

We hope some of these suggestions will help you as you go through finals week! It’s the final week so give it all you got. Best of luck and have a great winter break!

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