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What I wish I knew as a freshman…

Originally Posted: May 2016

By: Vlad Kovacevic

With the month of May here, the class of 2016 will be departing us and moving on to the “real world.” First of all, congratulations to all seniors; thank you for making a positive contribution to the Farmer School of Business. When speaking with a friend of mine who is graduating, he mentioned a few things he wished he could have done differently when dealing with his career and professional development. Sometimes, we take things for granted or do not take actions to be proactive about our future. That was his main message to the underclassmen when looking back on his college experience. Take a look at the key areas my friend stated every underclassmen should know in order to be prepared for a full-time career.

The first point he mentioned was that he wished he would have taken advantage of the career and professional development services offered earlier in his college career.  He mentioned, “I should have been building a strong resume and interviewing skills during my sophomore year.” By doing this sooner, it would have helped him be prepared for his junior year and would not have felt as rushed. FSB Career and Professional Development has multiple drop-in hours to help get your resume perfected. Also, don’t forget about the mock interviews offered! These are a couple of great ways to get prepared for your future.

The second point he talked about when reflecting on his college career here at Miami was that he started to use FSB Career and Professional Development his junior year and realized how great of a resource it was. It helped him land an internship and offered great advice for his future. He mentions that his meetings with Nick Cattin, FSB Director of Career & Professional Development, were all very productive and helpful. He recommends that all students take advantage of the resources they offer early in their college career to better prepare themselves for finding an internship or full time job.

Finally, as a junior myself, I advise all underclassmen to not wait to get started on your career exploration and development. Although you may fail early in your college career when trying to land an internship, look at it as a learning opportunity. By going out and experiencing interaction with recruiters, it will help you grow and better prepare you for when it really matters your junior year. Also, don’t be afraid to interact with employers and learn more about their firms when they haveinformation tables and office hours available in Farmer. Be proactive and get on the ball from day one!

I hope the advice of my graduating friend and I have given you guidance on your future endeavors and wish you all a great summer.

Opportunities to fight the second semester slump

Originally Posted: April 2016

By: Marissa Humayun

Spring has sprung, and the end of second semester is quickly approaching! When it comes to thinking about your career and professional development, it is not time to “check out” just yet. ISAC, the International Student Advisory Council, has created a three part skills-series for students that will run throughout the month of April. Listed below are the events involved in this series.

1. Strengths Finder Workshop (April 13th, 6:00pm-7:30pm) FSB 0020


This workshop will be run by Nick Cattin, FSB Director of Career & Professional Development, and Chanelle White, FSB Senior Academic Advisor. The Workshop looks to improve students’ self-awareness and will take a deeper look into how students can make their work meaningful, by identifying and capitalizing on their strengths. Students will need to take the Strengths assessment (30-60 minutes). They can purchase an access code for $10 on the Gallup website: http://www.strengthsquest.com/content/141212/Purchase.aspx
This provides access to the Strengths results, an insight report, and the StrengthsQuest e-book. Students should bring their results to the meeting. If they can, reading the insight report is also helpful. More information on Strengths Finder Workshop benefits can be found here.

2. Elevator Pitch/Speech Competition (April 20th)


Students are encouraged to record and upload in Canvas, a 55-65 second video of themselves executing their elevator pitch. All submissions must be submitted to Canvas no later than Friday, April 18th at 5:00pm. The finalist will be chosen and notified. Finalist will deliver their speech in front of a panel of judges on Wednesday, April 20th at 6:00pm FSB 0020.THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE A PRIZE! To enter the competition, please email fsbcareers@miamioh.edu to be added to the Canvas course.

3. Student or Alumni Panel (April 27th) location is TBD

For questions/information regarding this event, please contact ISAC Co-president, Chi Le through email (leck@miamioh.edu).Students should highly consider the amazing professional development opportunities that the events in this three part skills-series will provide.

If you are looking for more professional development opportunities, checkout the Miami Ad Week 2016 immersion program opportunity! This immersion program will give students incredible experience in the fields of marketing and advertising. There will be multiple speakers and a case competition throughout the week. Online applications can be found here and need to be submitted no later than Thursday, April 21st at 4:30pm.  Please direct questions to the FSB Student Service office, 1022.

Remember to finish the semester with the same hardworking attitude you came in with. 6 weeks left, let’s do this!