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What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

Do you think you might be a multipotentialite?

By: Grace Hoffmann

We’re asked this question quite frequently as we grow up. From kindergarten to high school, our answers definitely change. Even in college and into our adult life, we still may not know what we “want to be when we grow up.”  With the passing of time most people tend to become more realistic in their answers. The question also starts to become a topic for anxiety or distraught and less of a fun question full of endless opportunities.

Why is this? One of the reasons may be that we are interested in many things! For some of us, none of the things we are interested in correlate at all. Having many interests is not a limitation! Yes, it may seem that way if you are having to choose just one passion to follow or one quality you need to make your priority, however, you don’t have to.

In a TedTalk by Emilie Wapnick, she discusses “Why some of us don’t have one true calling.

Wapnick discussed her struggle with loving many different things and not always knowing what her one calling was. Then, she decided that she didn’t need to have just one calling. She discussed the term “multipotentialite” in her TedTalk.

What is a multipotentialite? A multipotentialite she describes, is “someone with many interests and creative pursuits.” She adds in that there could be many different definitions of the word, which makes it even more unique and fitting to the name!

She discussed that multipotentialites have 3 super powers or advantages.

  1. Idea Synthesis – This is “combining two or more fields and creating something new at the intersection.” This is a great quality to have! This stimulates innovation and allows you to work on teams well and help combine ideas or formulate solutions.  
  2. Rapid Learning – A big part of rapid learning stems from interest. The desire to learn and to not be afraid to fail defines multipotentialites. Multipotentialites use everything they have learned in each and every job they do.
  3. Adaptability – Wapnick defines it as “the ability to morph into whatever you need to be in a given situation.” Adaptability is extremely sought after in the workplace.

In an article about the benefits of being adaptable, it discusses the findings of a survey that states, “91% of human resources recruiters predicted that by 2018 the ability of a candidate to deal with change will be a major recruitment goal” (

What does all this mean? It means that you are unique and you should embrace your interests — no matter how different you may think they are!

Watch the TedTalk!


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Know Your Recruitment Rights!

The fall is a wonderful time to be a student in the Farmer School of Business. Employers are holding Lunch and Learns, there are Info Tables set up all around the commons with employees swapping pizza for a conversation, and companies are offering full-time or internship offers to successful FSB students!

Fall recruitment season is an exciting time, but can also seem stressful. The FSB Career and Professional Development office wants you to have the appropriate amount of time to make your decision to accept or decline an offer!

So, employers recruiting at Miami have to uphold the following dates concerning deadlines:

Converting Internships to Full-Time: Offer to remain open until October 15

Full-Time or Internship offer during FallOffer to remain open until October 31st, or 3 weeks after offer is given, whichever is longer

Full-Time or Internship offer during SpringOffer to remain open until February 28th, or 3 weeks after offer is given, whichever is longer

The internship and full-time offer policy is not in place for students to “shop for offers,” but rather an effort to protect students who are truly conflicted with internship/job offers and need time to decide. If you receive an offer that does not adhere to the dates above, contact the FSB Career and Professional Development Office.

Additionally, as FSB students, you are prohibited to renege—or go back on an offer or to accept an offer after already accepting one. Violating this rule will result in being banned from all future on-campus recruiting and services from the Center for Career Exploration and Success.

Here’s a few things to consider before accepting a job offer:

  • Do you understand the work you will be doing on a day-to-day basis?
  • How will you be evaluated?
  • Is there room for upward growth or horizontal movement within the company?
  • Is the company culture a good fit?
  • Do the salary and benefits meet your expectations?
  • Is the salary comparable to similar jobs at other companies?
  • Are you excited about the job and will you be inspired to work each day?


For more information, check out articles on The Muse.



For more information, visit the Career and Professional Office in FSB 1022!