Workshop for Women: Why YOU Should Negotiate your Salary

By: Grace Hoffmann

Glassdoor recently published a survey that 3 in 5 American employees did not negotiate their salary. Even more shocking, over 68% of women accepted their offers without negotiating as compared to the 52% of men.

According to a Forbes article written by Carol Sankar, “negotiation is the key to closing the pay and value gap in the workplace and business. Women are not encouraged to perceive the value of developing an annual negotiation strategy without feeling penalized and judged. As a result, women will settle for lower compensation agreements and starting salaries.”

In order for change to occur, women need to know their value and be willing to negotiate for higher salaries or benefits.

Here’s a few strategies and tips to close the gender value gap and start negotiating salaries:

  1. Know your unique value proposition and be prepared to make a pitch– Your unique value proposition is what you are going to bring to the table for a job, corporation, or company. Be able to discuss why you are an asset and how you will contribute to the company directly and indirectly!
  2. Discuss more than just money – Negotiations should not only be about your salary. Be willing to take on more responsibility or ask for a new role. Through taking initiative and gaining more responsibility you just may find yourself with an increase in compensation and more potential in the future to earn a higher salary with  more benefits.
  3. Stay positive – Although most people find it uncomfortable to ask for a raise, know that you deserve it and have the right to do so. Keep your head high as you talk about your salary and what you want out of a job. If the offer is lower than you expected, be willing to ask why and what you can do. If it’s too low, be able to say no and move on. Continue the job search and find a job and salary that meets your skills, expertise, and potential.   

“The Center For Career Exploration and Success, Farmer School of Business, and The Women’s Center have joined forces to address the gender wage gap. Women who negotiate increase their potential to earn higher salaries and better benefit packages.”

The salary negotiation workshop will be held on Tuesday, March 27th from 5:30PM-7:30PM in the Shriver Center, Bystrom Room.

The workshop will discuss:

  • The gender pay gap and its long-term consequences
  • Personal value to the workplace – how to identify and articulate it
  • Persuasive responses and strategies when negotiating 
  • Benchmarking target salaries and benefits through market research

The salary negotiation will be followed by a networking event for students to connect with professionals!  

Register for the event on Handshake!



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