4 Life Lessons Learned from Rejection

By: Grace Hoffmann

As young professionals, we know what it is like to not get selected for a position or company and how it affects us. We were raised in a generation with an emphasis on “everyone being a winner.” We even received participant trophies for activities we were involved with. News flash: The real world isn’t handing these out! Not everyone gets the job or lands the position at their dream company. Rejection happens. Although it may feel terrible in the moment, it should not deter us from reaching our goals.  It’s how we take the rejection and learn from it that makes us stronger and more successful. As millennials, we need to work to learn humility and grow from rejection.

Nikki Riojas discusses a few reasons why rejection is good:

1. It builds character- and tougher skin.

“Fall down seven times, get up eight.” We are going to fail. We are going to be told no. It’s how we go forward with our lives after rejection that is most important. Rejection will get easier if you see it as a growing experience

2. It probably wasn’t the best job for you anyway.

The fit has to be mutual. Also, if you’re new to an industry, you may not know exactly where you should fall within a company. Gain as much experience as you can in the positions you get to help propel your career.

3. It should fire you up, not beat you down.

Getting rejection should not lead to you giving up. Even if you are not what the company was looking for, you can still learn from the experience. Ask for feedback from your interview! Learn from the mistakes you made and reflect on what you should focus more time on!

4. It allows you to build upon your experiences and make adjustments for future career moves.

Learn to be versatile and to see the big picture. Each and every step you take will impact your career. Stay determined and keep learning.

Rejection helps us grow and learn. It’s our duty to make the best out of a situation and to move forward.  As odd as it seems, rejection can have such a positive impact on our life and career! Who knows what the incredible opportunity ahead for you will be!

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