What Employers Expect from Students at Career Fair

By Audrey Inniger, Campus Recruiting Program Manager at Vantiv

What do you expect to get out of a career fair? Are you looking for an internship? Or a full time job after graduation? The companies attending definitely have expectations for their future employees, as well!

What are we looking for? Here are some things you can do to make a great impression:

  • Make Eye Contact – Eye contact signals to employers that you are actively listening and paying attention to what they are saying.
  • Have a Firm Handshake – Match the grip of the person whose hand you are shaking, shake from your elbow and not your wrist, and follow the two second rule. A good firm handshake signals that you are confident, driven and prepared.
  • Dress to Impress – Don’t dress for a career fair the same way you would dress on the job. Often times you dress more casually on the job than you would during an interview. You have to get the job before you can dress like someone who already has the job, so dress to impress!
  • Have an Elevator Pitch – Be prepared to sell yourself in 30-90 seconds. Start with a short intro about yourself then talk about your experience, your career goals, and why you’re both interested in the company and why you’d make a great fit.
  • Share What Makes You Unique – Be able to tell the employer what makes you different compared to all the other students. Make sure they remember you after a long day meeting with countless students!
  • Show Initiative – Don’t expect the recruiter to tell you what next steps are or to provide you with their business card. Be proactive – Ask for a business card and make sure you walk away knowing what the next steps are.

With the tips I’ve shared, you’ll be able to present your best self and shine!