Class Discussion Schedule

Mary Shelley & Frankenstein
Tuesday, February 5: Joshua Jones
Thursday, February 7: Christi Mueller
Tuesday, February 12: Brad Collins

George Eliot & The Lifted Veil
Tuesday, February 19: Laura Beckett
Thursday, February 21: Brandon Castleman

Charlotte Bronte & Jane Eyre
Thursday, February 28: Patricia Reynolds

Virginia Woolf & A Room of One’s Own
Tuesday, March 19: Caroline Metzger
Thursday, March 21: David Trent

Jane Austen (I’ll read Sense & Sensibility)
Tuesday, March 26: Shelbey Parsell

Angela Carter & The Bloody Chamber
Tuesday, April 1: Tori Ashley
Thursday, April 3: Brianna Elstun

Jeanette Winterson & Weight
Thursday, April 11: Lori Shaffer

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