thoughts about Josh’s final paper

For some crazy reason, I can not comment to my classmates posts. So… I will just enter this.

I think your idea is very interesting. I too thought that Frankenstein was the monster. If you really think about it…Dr. Frankenstein was a monster. He created a being so someone would love him. In doing so he killed members of his family and a friend. He created the monster out of self pity. Maybe you could reflect on how the monster created a creature like him, so he would not be alone in the world? I love your idea! Go with it 🙂 Be creative…

P.S. couldn’t help but think of Ted E. Bear (the movie) and how the little boy wished for him to be ‘real’ so he could always have him. Sometimes in life we ask for things we really don’t understand or maybe don’t think through all the way. Forever is a really long time! Good luck on your paper 🙂

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