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The books we covered this semester were all individually different in terms of style but they all shared a few collective themes. Themes like how Victor Frankenstein is portrayed as a bad guy and how in most of the other stories men in general are the oppressor.  Another big topic of discussion is love and how being denied of it makes a horrible life for anyone. These themes happen in nearly all the books we read over the term and suggest that British women writers generally adopt a similar way of writing.

The first book I want to talk about is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. This is my favorite out of all the books we covered. As a small child I watched shows about the monster Frankenstein and I actually never knew that the name Frankenstein was the Doctor’s name. I always thought it was the monster’s name. This book was a great read and it was really interesting how Dr. Frankenstein wanted his monster to be alive so badly that it depressed him that he couldn’t bring his creation alive. I really thought it showed how much of a coward he was when as soon as he did come to life it was like he was a burden immediately. It’s like he never thought about what would happen if he really did succeed. Soon as Victor realizes what he’s done, it’s like he starts feeling ashamed. As if he knew it was crazy the whole time and he did it anyway.

One of the biggest issues with the story of Frankenstein is how he wants to love and be loved by someone.  This is a common theme in the stories we covered this semester.

I’m going to keep going on from there but that is where I’m headed with this thing. I hope it isn’t too bad of a start. I know I’m probably way off on this one. I apologize.

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