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Diary of a Wimpy Teacher

I’m curious to know how many people have a diary. It doesn’t have to be a physical one, with fluffy pink edging and “MADDIE’S JOURNAL” written across in giant, sparkly letters (though, if there are any Maddie’s who have that, … Continue reading

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Taking Notes with Invisible Ink

Can you read this? Of course, you can read the text when I type it clearly, but in the above picture if I were to grab the black light and sprint off in the opposite direction, you’d probably be pretty … Continue reading

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A Letter to Future Chemistry Teachers

Perhaps the most helpful article I have ever read pertaining to my future as a chemistry educator was “Advice to My Intellectual Grandchildren” by J. Dudley Herron.  Herron worked as both a science educator and as a researcher of the … Continue reading

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