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Science Teaching is Some Hard, but Rewarding Schist

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn” Benjamin Franklin There are plenty of reasons why science has such a high demand when it comes to employment. One of those is common among … Continue reading

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Creating an Environment in Which Resiliency Can Thrive

As teachers, our students come from all walks of life. Though it’s a lot easier to pretend everyone learns the same way or experiences life in the same way, we cannot treat our students all the same and assume they … Continue reading

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The Earth is How Old?

It’s four and half billion years old – not 6,000. The sciences are riddled with a lot of misconceptions that change as we get older, but there’s nothing wrong with misunderstanding a concept or fact due to a lack of … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Throwin’ Hunnids When You Should Be Throwin’ Ones: Engaging on a Budget

You’ll actually be throwing “nones” most of the time… As teachers we have to buy a ton of resources to facilitate and perform aspects of our lessons. And although those expenses can be reimbursed (and can be written off for … Continue reading

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Three Strategies YOU WON’T BELIEVE Can LITERALLY Make Thinking Visible

We teachers can often find ourselves jumping into new material or progressing from old material without really seeing how our students are thinking and feeling about it. Using these three strategies are methods to help assess where your students are … Continue reading

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Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better: Fostering Equity in the Sciences

QUICK – in your head, picture a scientists. What did that image look like? I can probably guess: White man, Probably older, Wearing a Lab coat. Like a certain someone…. Our conceptions of science and scientists almost always manifest this way … Continue reading

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Making the Rock Cycle STE(A)My

Other than the lactose intolerant, who doesn’t love chocolate? One thing that’s for sure is that kids do. Teaching the rock cycle is so often a dry, boring unit but with chocolate it can be made much more interesting, impactful, … Continue reading

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Making Group Projects Enjoyable Instead of Dreaded

Imagine this scenario… It’s the week before finals and you get assigned a group project to complete before your final. The groups are assigned – you don’t get to pick. There’s you: the ever-so-studious and hardworking students who knows what’s … Continue reading

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You’ve Been Motivating ALL WRONG

Surprise surprise – the motivation/reward system in schools isn’t the greatest way to motivate students to learn as with so many other aspects of the system. The current model is so focused on extrinsic rewards that don’t provide students with … Continue reading

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Why We Should Teach In The Margins

Picture a typical science classroom format: One teacher, in the front of the room, spouting out notes to twenty or more students who hurriedly jot them down in their notebooks for forty-five minutes until the bell rings. This describes Timmy … Continue reading

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