Student Publications and Presentations 2017/2018

Makana Agcaoili, M.S. SAHE

Agcaoili, M., Pérez II, D., Palencia, J. (March, 2018). Raising new questions about student success: Exploring tensions in how graduate student affairs practitioners conceptualize success in higher education. Session accepted at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

Tasneem Amatullah, Ph.D. LCC

Amatullah, T. “South Asian Muslim Womens’ Leadership Stories: Untold Narratives in their words,” A paper presented at the Educational Leadership Graduate Student Colloquium, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, February, 2018.

Kyle Ashlee, Ph.D. SAHE

Ashlee, A. A., Ashlee, K. C., Okello, W., Karikari, S. N. (In press). Critical race reflections on self-authorship and the learning partnerships model. Journal of Student Affairs.

 Aeriel Ashlee, Ph.D. SAHE

Ashlee, A. A., (in press). An autoethnographic dialogue between Gloria Anzaldúa and me: Considering Borderlands for transracial adoptees. Cultural Studies <-> Critical Methodologies.

Esther Claros Berlioz, Ph.D. LCC

Castaneda, M., Shen, X., Claros Berlioz, E. (Accepted) This Is My Story: Latinx Learners Create Digital Stories during a Summer Literacy Camp. TESOL Journal.

Lisa Combs, M.S. SAHE

Ashlee, A., Johnston-Guerrero, M., Chaudhari, P., & Combs, L. (2018). Reimagining racial hierarchies: Racial identity as a site of research resistance. Presentation at the 2018 Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference, College Park, Maryland.

Jennifer Edwards, Ph.D. LCC

Edwards, J.F. (2017) “Internationalization as a catalyst for democracy in higher education.” In Poetter, T.S., et al. (Eds.). Exploring new possibilities in curriculum policy (pp. 97-114). Austin, TX: Sentia Publishing.

Jason Harnish ,Ph.D. LCC

Harnish, J. (Accepted) Philosophical Implications of Taxpayer Funding for Prison Education. Journal of Critical Education.

Dustin Hornbeck, Ph.D. LCC

Hornbeck, D., & Malin, J. (2018). State Auditors in Education Policy. Educational Policy, 0895904818755469

Serian Jeng, Ph.D. LCC

Jeng, S. (2018). Transnational floating spaces as “home” for African immigrant youth in Norway. Paper presented at the Comparative & International Education Society, Mexico City, Mexico.

Shamika Karikari, Ph.D. SAHE

Shaw, M. D., & Karikari, S. N. (Spring/Summer 2017). Mattering, healing, and sharing in the process: Working through the trauma of losing Black lives (Part 2). Developments, 15(1-2). Available from:

Lateasha Meyers, Ph.D. LCC

Uplifting Black Girls’ Identity Through After School Programs (2017). Panelist. American Education Studies Association. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Vijay Paralkar, Ph.D. LCC

Paralkar, V. K. (2018). A role of the monthly journal club activity in promoting collaborative research practice. [Presentation]. Paper presented  at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association. New York, NY.

Catherine Shackson, Ph.D. LCC

Shackson, C. O. (2017, November 3). Stories of student-mothers: The lives of first-generation college students who are mothers and successful students. (Presentation). Paper presented at Graduate Student Forum, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

Sarah Stayer, Ph.D. SAHE

Stayer, S., & Cambone, M. (2017). Conquering Your Internship Search. Presented at the Ohio College Personnel Association Careers in Student Affairs Conference in Akron, Ohio.

Angela Trubceac, Ph.D. LCC

Malin, J., Brown, C., & Trubceac, A. (Accepted) Going for Broke: A Multiple Case Study of Brokerage in Education.

Hannah Stohry, Ph.D. LCC

Stohry, H. (In progress) “On Being Mixed and Moving Forward” chapter in Dr. Ellis Hurd’s “Reflexivity of Pain and Privilege.”