Research Grants for Student & Faculty Research – The April 2009 Youth Revolution in Moldova: A forgotten history

The April 2009 Youth Revolution in Moldova: A forgotten history— Angela Trubceac

Angela Trubceac, Ph.D. student, LCC with Dr.  Joseph Schroer, EDP.

Education faces complex challenges today all around the world. Understanding and supporting youth activism is one of them, especially when relating it to peace education and social justice, especially in Moldova, an Eastern-European country recently liberated from a totalitarianism. So, how is it that we are to teach youth about peaceful conflict transformation? What tools and pedagogies should we use to shape, instill, and cultivate in our youth the love for social justice, participatory citizenship, deliberative democracy, and activism that will lead to the eradication of inequity, injustice, and corruption. The purpose of my current study is to collect personal stories of participants in the 7th April 2009 event – youth protest/rebellion/revolution in Moldova, to identify participants’ perceptions on youth activicsm, social justice, and a just and democratic society. Our research efforts were to interview participants in that event. We wanted to unveil how Moldovan history textbooks reinforce youth stories and experiences during and after that historical event. What lessons did we learn? Were they valued enough to be a part of textbooks?

I am looking forward to next steps on this project as well as my dissertation work, which will focus on Moldovan teachers’ perceptions of peace education in the curriculum