Research Grants for Student & Faculty Research – Higher Education Contemplative Survey Project

Collaborations between faculty and students are always encouraged and celebrated in our department. We wanted to share some of the teams who were awarded research grants this year. Congratulations to all the recipients. 

Higher Education Contemplative Survey Project – Hannah Stohry

Hannah Stohry, Ph.D. student LCC

Hannah Stohry was awarded an EDL student/faculty research grant to collaborate on a Contemplative Inquiry in Higher Education research project with Dr. Suzanne Klatt, the Director of the Mindfulness and Contemplative Inquiry Center and Senior Clinical Faculty. Contemplative pedagogical practices (especially mindfulness, meditation, yoga) are becoming increasingly relevant in a variety of settings, including higher education. They are working together to create a tool to assess knowledge, interest, and understanding of contemplative inquiry and practices as well as assessment of creation of just and inclusive environments. The main research objective is to create a tool that will help organizations and universities understand what their resources and gaps in knowledge and practice are in order to build support for related education (courses, minors/degrees, presentations, programs, community engagement). This tool will be helpful in this endeavor and for higher education administrators, faculty, and students whose goal is to build upon their knowledge of, interest in, and frequency of contemplative practices, with particular attention to building support among people already committed to a more just and inclusive higher education community. This helps to build a university (or organizational) community-based support system for those interested in this line of inquiry. Hannah will be a part of several stages of this research project, working on aspects of survey design, pilot testing, IRB proposal, literature review-writing, data collection, data analysis, paper proposal, and potential publication. Hannah is grateful for the grant, the investment and support of faculty, staff, and colleagues and grasps onto the hope she feels from the program to contribute to exploring and creating a just, inclusive and equitable society.