Message from the new EDL Chair, Thomas Poetter

Thomas Poetter

Welcome to the EDL Newsletter. I’m no stranger to many readers, having served 21 years in the department as a faculty member. Recently, Dean Dantley appointed me to succeed our current chair Kathleen Knight Abowitz. We, and I, owe a particular debt to Kathleen for her outstanding leadership as chair the past five years, during which time she displayed a deep resonance with EDL’s core principles, served with integrity, maintained an atmosphere of trust and transparency, and significantly grew programs and enrollment in the department. I hope to continue to work toward those worthy ends and processes as I make my way as Chair beginning July 1, 2018, for a five year term. I welcome input about our work and programs, efforts to support us and make us better, and contributions to our work that will advance us in the communities and fields of study we serve.  I really appreciate the opportunity, and look forward to the challenges ahead.