Literature Reviews and Content Development dissertation Workshops with Kelly Waldrop

Kelly Waldrop, EDL graduate

Kelly Waldrop graduated from EDL’s, Leadership, Culture, and Curriculum program with her Ph.D. in 2014. She is now the owner and Chief Editing Officer of The Publish House, a full-service editing and document Preparation Company. Dr. Waldrop primarily works with graduate students who are working on comprehensive exams and dissertations but has also worked on editing articles for journals, short stories, resumes, and cover letters. Her company also provides workshops for students and faculty on academic and business writing. On Friday, January 19, 2018, Dr. Waldrop invited students from Educational Leadership to attend two workshops, both offering great insight and practical tools students can use in their Ph.D. process and beyond.  The first workshop offered students a better understanding of the importance of constructing a strong literary review. The second workshop focused on how to develop academic content for journals, how to better structure the comprehensive examination, as well as tools for managing the dissertation process. Students who attended these workshops had the following to say:

“Kelly Waldrop’s workshop was very helpful and encouraging. Especially for me as an international student, I still struggle with the writing process and the academic vocabulary. She encouraged me to focus on my own voice as I develop my work and reminded me that my voice is good enough. I would like to thank Kelly for the valuable advice, but also for the practical tools she shared with the students.” –Angela Trubceac

“The workshop really gave me a clearer understanding of how to tackle writing as a Ph. D. student. It gave me a concrete action plan that is really useful.” – Dominique M. Brown

“Dr. Waldrop emphasized things to keep in mind through each part of the dissertation process. Her use of visual aids and key statements have helped me stay on track, i.e.: Every page should relate back to what the point of your work is. She is wonderful!” –Esther Claros Berlioz

Thank you to Dr. Waldrop for sharing your knowledge and your invaluable experience with current students. If you would like to know more about The Publish House click on the link, or send an email to