Diversity & Inclusion events next week

Racial Consciousness 101
When: Monday 9/24 3-4:30pm
Where: Harry T. Wilks Theatre
Description: “This initiative consists of panelists surveying students about racial ‘myths’ and then hosting panels to share with these students their own experiences and insights as students of color at Miami University.”

Bridging the Gap: Race in America
When: Monday 9/24 7:30-9:30pm
Where: Hall Auditorium Green Room
Description: Ice T will present a lecture on the topic of race in America.

Pictorial Prosthetics: Martial Masculinity and Veteran Amputees in Early 1920s European Visual Culture
When: Tuesday 9/25 4:30-6pm
Where: Harrison Hall 111
Description: “Dr. Bradley Boovy analyzes a selection of paintings by German artist, Otto Dix, from the years following World War I. He focuses on the ways in which the painter used depictions of veteran amputees to critique the gendered impacts of war on German and European society.”

Reception for New Faculty/Staff Women
When: Wednesday 9/26 4:30-6pm
Where: Armstrong 1066
Description: “The Women*s Center, in collaboration with the Provost’s Office and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, hosts an annual fall gathering to welcome new faculty and staff women to the University. All are welcome. This year’s event will be held in Armstrong 1066.”

Latinx Student Welcome Reception
When: Wednesday 9/26 6-8pm
Where: Cultural Center, Room 2030, Armstrong
Description: “All members of Miami University are invited to a Meet and Greet Opportunity with a focus of connecting Latinx students and members of the association of Latino/a faculty and staff.”

Sukkah Project
When: Thursday 9/27 10am-4pm
Where: Armstrong Student Center
Description: Hillel: Association of Jewish students will build a sukkah on campus. A sukkah is a “temporary hut constructed for use during the week-long Jewish festival of Sukkot.”

Chinese Festival
When: Friday 9/28 2-4pm and 5:30-8:30pm
Where: Cook Field (2-4pm) and Oxford Uptown Park (5:30-8:30pm)
Description: Miami’s Confucius Institute will host its annual Chinese Festival. From 2-4pm Chinese Martial Arts will be performed and a kite flying competition will be held at Cook Field. From 5:30-8:30pm, games, food, Chinese language learning, and cultural performances will take place at Oxford Uptown Park.

When: Friday 9/28 6-8pm
Where: 11 E. Walnut St, Oxford, OH
Description: Hillel: Association of Jewish Students will host its weekly Shabbat.

Vietnamese Board Game Night
When: Saturday 9/29 5-8pm
Where: Shideler 52
Description: The Vietnamese Student Association is hosting a game night, where people will play traditional Vietnamese games and sample Vietnamese snacks, coffee, and tea. This event is open to everyone.

Important deadlines upcoming

There are several annual deadlines upcoming of which you should all be aware. Please plan ahead if you are considering pursuit of any of the following, and let me know of your intent as soon as possible.

Student Technology Fee (October 12 to CAS): This should also have appeared in your MyMiami, and more information can be found here. If you plan to submit a proposal for equipment, software, etc. from this annual competition, please notify me asap and plan to have it ready by October 5 to be prepared for the CAS deadline.

CFR grant proposals (October 19 to OARS): The University Senate Committee on Faculty Research (CFR) offers several funding programs for summer research, GA support, publication/presentation subsidies, etc. This deadline is particularly for the faculty research grants. Although applications are submitted directly to OARS, please let me know if you plan to submit and I can help advise (especially if you are requesting GA support).

Leave requests (November 1 to CAS): Any faculty who are considering taking a research leave next year (2019-20 AY) should let me know. This includes both one-semester (ARA) and year-long (FIL) leaves, including those from junior faculty who get an “automatic” leave but still must apply. Please have your applications to me at least a week in advance so that I can provide feedback and then provide the required ranking of applications to CAS. By the way, if you are contemplating a leave, you might want to take a look at the Cattell Sabbatical Fund which is a national competition for support to psychology faculty during leaves.


Diversity & Inclusion events next week

Asian American Association Potluck
When: 9/15 1-3pm
Where: Heritage Commons
Description: This is a free, potluck event for people interested in joining Fusion and meeting new members.

Asian American Association Watches Crazy Rich Asians
When: 9/15 6-8pm
Where: AMC Classic Hamilton 8
Description: Members of the Asian American Association are traveling to Hamilton to watch the film, Crazy Rich Asians. While the film has received some criticism, it has also received praise from many Asian Americans by providing an accurate representation of Asian American experiences.

Diversity and Inclusion Networking Event
When: 9/17 5-7pm
Where: Armstrong Pavillion AB
Description: “The Diversity and Inclusion Networking event is designed to provide a networking opportunity for our increasingly diverse student population and prospective employers. The Diversity & Inclusion Networking Event is a unique experience that provides talented students with diverse backgrounds the opportunity to network with accredited employers. This is a great opportunity to meet with promising candidates for your recruiting needs before the fall career fair.”

Inclusion Forum: Miami’s State of Diversity
When: 9/17 6-9pm
Where: Wilks Theater, Armstrong Student Center
Description: “A collaborative effort dedicated to providing a space for our Miami community to discuss inclusive initiatives for the upcoming school year.”

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
When: 9/17 7-9pm
Where: Kreger 224
Description: The Genetics Club is hosting this viewing party of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. This film is relevant not only for its portrayal of discovering the immortal cell line, HeLa, but also because of its depiction of class and racial disparities in medical research.

Yom Kippur Dinner and Services
When: 9/18 6-7pm (dinner) and 7-8pm (services)
Where: 11 E Walnut St., Oxford, OH
Description: Hillel: Association of Jewish Students “offers High Holiday meals and services for Yom Kippur.” These are free and open to all.

Yom Kippur Break the Fast and Services
When: 9/19 10-11am (services) and 8-9pm (break the Yom Kippur fast)
Where: Services will be at the Sesquicentennial Chapel. Breaking the fast will be held at 11 E Walnut St., Oxford, OH.
Description: Yom Kippur services are offered in the mornings, and the Yom Kippur fast will be broken in the evening.

Beyond Borders
When: 9/19 5-8pm
Where: 114 Rentschler Hall (Hamilton campus)
Description: Beyond Borders is a fictional film about an American woman who travels to Ethiopia to provide aid in refugee camps. This event is sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Services.

International Student Participation: Methods of Enhancing International Student Participation: A Hands-on Workshop
When: 9/20 1-2:30pm
Where: 320 Laws Hall
Description: “Participants will engage in a series of activities to identify aspects of participation that are most essential to student learning in their courses. Informed by theories from the field of second language studies, they will modify existing tasks or create new ones that are designed to reduce anxiety and increase participation and engagement for all students. Instructors are asked to bring the participation sections of their syllabi and some classroom activities in which students struggle to engage. They will have the opportunity to gain feedback from invited international students during the workshop.”

16th Annual Latin American and Caribbean UniDiversity Festival
When: 9/21 5:30-9pm
Where: Uptown Park, Oxford
Description: “This festival is the kick-off of a month full of activities encompassed within the National Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month at Miami University and Oxford, Ohio.” Events at the festival include a live animal show and petting zoo, face painting, a ballet folkloric performance, the Monarch Butterflies program of McGuffey Montessori, performances by the Miami University steel band and a salsa and Latin band, and an address by the Executive Director of the Ohio Commission on Latino Affaris, Lilleana Cavanaugh.

Shabbat Across Campus
When: 9/21 6-7pm
Where: 11 E Walnut St., Oxford, OH
Description: “Bring friends to various locations around the Oxford and Miami Community to celebrate Shabbat. Free dinner will be included, and everyone is encouraged to attend!”

Oxford Community Choice Pantry Service
When: 9/22 10am-1pm
Where: Oxford Community Choice Pantry, PO box 391, Oxford, OH
Description: Volunteer students will gather to distribute food and goods to people in need, including children in orphanages and elderly men. Volunteers may help categorize and organize food, and clean up the organization.

New departmental honors coordinator

Amy Summerville will be taking over as the new departmental honors coordinator starting with the class of 2020. Interested but non-declared students should contact Amy, although currently-declared honors students are still being supervised by Heather Claypool. Please join me in thanking Amy for taking this on and to Heather for her years of excellent service in this role!

Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) competition

From Anne Schauer, for those that might be interested in seeking major funding for research equipment:

The National Science Foundation’s Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI) assists in the acquisition or development of major research instrumentation. Miami University may submit up to three MRI proposals (up to two that request between $100,000 and $1 million and one that requests between $1 million and $4 million) on which we are either the lead or a partner institution. To facilitate the selection of our submissions to NSF, we have set a deadline of Monday, October 15, 2018, to receive preliminary MRI proposals for internal review. You are required to provide a preliminary proposal (3-5 pages) regardless of whether you were selected as an institutional submission in previous years.

If you are interested please see me for details.

Cross cultural grad mentoring

Valerie Robinson in the Graduate School is once again running a program on cross-cultural mentoring for graduate students, and is seeking faculty mentors and grad student participants:

In Fall 2015, the Graduate School introduced a program in Cross Cultural Mentoring. We partnered interested faculty with diverse doctoral students with all but dissertation status. It was a successful initiative by a number of measures and we want to extend it this year to include more graduate students. We hope you consider participating.

We seek doctoral level faculty and staff who will engage the student not as an advisor, but as a role model, counselor, and experienced future colleague, providing support for the research process and preparing for life after the dissertation.

We seek diverse doctoral students in at least their second year who are interested in a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship with a faculty or staff member.

Please contact Valerie directly if you are interested in participating in this worthwhile initiative.

Contribute to Miami research on class discussion

Ann Frymier (MJF) is conducting a research project on discussion as a teaching tool and is hoping that some of you who use discussion in your classes might be willing to participate. She asks:

Do you use discussion as a teaching tool? If yes, please consider participating in a research study seeking to understand the characteristics of effective classroom discussion. Participants who complete the study will receive a personalized assessment of their discussion facilitation skills by Dr. Maryellen Weimer, the editor ofThe Teaching Professor newsletter and the Teaching Professor Blog on Faculty Focus.

To be eligible to participate in this study, you must: be a full time instructor/professor at Miami University; teach a class of 15-45 students where you use discussion as a teaching tool; be willing to be video recorded facilitating a discussion; and work with the researchers to obtain informed consent from your students (only students’ voices will be recorded).

If you are interested in participating in this research, please contact Ann directly.

Astronaut visit Oct. 3

Once again, it’s time for the annual visit of a NASA astronaut to present the Astronaut Scholarship to two exceptional Miami students. From Zeb Baker, National Fellowships Committee:

A veteran of three Space Shuttle missions and the first African American to command a space flight, Fred Gregory will share his experiences as an astronaut and a leader at NASA. Join us for a FREE PUBLIC TALK about Gregory’s time with NASA, followed by a presentation of the Astronaut Scholarships to students Bob Krueger and Nathan Rayens. His talk will be held Wednesday, October 3, 7:30 – 8:30 in Hall Auditorium.

Stats + Stories

Many of you might be interested in a podcast series produced by John Bailer (STA) he calls “Stats + Stories” that is intended to convey interesting stories containing statistical information to a general audience. A recent episode featured Gerd Gigerenzer, with whom I worked many years ago as a graduate student, who talks about understanding and communicating risk. Other episodes involve better Bayesian reasoning, data analytics in sports, climate change, and other interesting topics with many high profile guests (as well as several colleagues).