Republic Street Initiative, 2009-2010

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The DesignBuild Studio is working with non-profit community development corporations to redevelop tandem historic buildings 1405-07 Republic Street in the heart of Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. The five-story brick structures are structurally sound and retain much historic character, but have been uninhabited for several years. The project is in the “design development” phase as of Spring 2010 through the Atelier Program. Miami architecture students are currently working back-and-forth with Over-the-Rhine Community Housing to hone ideas for the buildings, the block, and the neighborhood. By preliminary estimates, the building renovation budget will be over $4 million, but could pay significant dividends for the neighborhood. The buildings will be a prototype for mixed-income, pan cultural housing in a neighborhood strained by market-rate development and displacement, as well as an urban research and development site for sustainable systems, products, and techniques and a hub for interaction between the academy, the profession, and the community.