Renner Street Renovation, 1998

Begun in the Fall Semester of 1998, the Renner Street Renovation, which involved the alteration of a single-family home, was completed by the end of the 2000 Spring Semester for immediate sale by Over-the-Rhine Community Housing. The Over-the-Rhine DesignBuild Studio began by documenting the existing structure and developing six preliminary designs which were submitted to Over-the-Rhine Community Housing for review. One critical aspect of this project was code compliance, which entailed altering the kitchen and one bedroom of the residence as well as extending the existing plumbing infrastructure to accommodate a new bathroom. The students then developed construction documents for the permit-approval process. Additionally, students were engaged in all aspects of the construction process including framing and drywall work, interior and exterior painting, and the installation of shelving, cabinetry, millwork, and flooring.